Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tyler's 25!

Well my man is 25! Can't believe how old he is... :) he had a super busy birthday with a very big accomplishment! He did his first bike race ever- the Three Kings Race in north salt lake. The three kings are three different, ridiculously steep hills and you can do as many of them as you want. Ty was just going to do one of the hills but then surprised me and did all three! I could not be more proud. 
Lining up for the race

When Tyler decided to do all three, we never established where the finish line was... So I missed him crossing it and he had to ride a whole lot farther to find me. That was the piece of straw that broke the camels back. Poor guy. But he did it!!

Then after the race, Ty was a champ and
Got all ready to go to the farmers market in salt lake even though he was super tired. We got him some salami for his bday so it made it all worth it :) in the back there is an owl that we didn't want to pay to get a picture with so I had to be sneaky!
After a long nap, we went to dinner with a bunch of our friends (thanks everyone for coming!) and Ty got to celebrate with jake whose birthday is just a few days before. 
Here's all the friends after dinner freezing their butts off at a slip n slide! They are crazy!

Sunday Ty had a party with his side of the family. They finished the night off with a push-up contest- who can tell whose bum is whose?!?

On his official birthday, Ty had work, but I got the house all decorated and ready for the party with my side of the family that night. He opened his gifts and we made
Homemade ice cream and played a
Few good games of sorry! I hope you had a good birthday babe!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The News of Our Baby!

I still can't believe it's here! I actually get to write about US having a baby. We are so beyond excited about this new little addition that is coming in December. 

As I am writing this, we are almost 13 weeks along so I want to do a little background of things that have happened throughout these past three months. It all started before we even knew we were pregnant. Elle (my favorite little girl) who is 3 one day told me that i have a baby in my belly. I told her that i didn't but she insisted that she just knew i had a baby in there! Sure enough, a week later, we found out she was right! 

On April 6th, early Saturday morning, i was shaking all over to tell Tyler that I THINK we are pregnant. I was not ready to accept it yet. Tyler's response, "wow that's awesome!" And off he went to work. Wow, I thought that conversation would have gone a lot differently :) that following Monday I went to my doctor to get tested and, sure enough, we're preggers and four weeks along! Sweet, I missed a whole month! 

I then got ahold of a doctor that came highly recommended by family and he did not want to see me til 10 weeks. That was the longest 6 weeks of my life! Somewhere in that 6 weeks I had just started to convince myself that I was going to be a lucky pregnant lady and not be sick when all of a sudden it hit me and I have not been able to cook a single thing since. The smells that we have in our lovely new house got to me every time I came home from work and every morning. Poor Tyler has eaten cereal for dinner countless times now! Now I'm getting out of the first trimester and feeling much better but I don't think I will be able to be near asparagus anytime soon!

Then week 10 FINALLY came and our appt. was May 20. I had no idea what to expect but, as soon as we heard our baby's heartbeat, it all became so real to me and I just thought, "there's actually a person in there!" Tyler's face was absolutely priceless when he first heard it. I hope that I can keep that image in my mind forever. 

That weekend we had a big family party and Tyler set up our baby's crib in the nursery to announce to everyone our great news. We were so happy to have everyone there to support us and are so glad we have all these people that will love our baby. 

Now, just yesterday we had another appointment and got to hear our baby's heartbeat again AND the baby was kicking! I think we have an active one on our hands because it was kicking a lot! 

One of my favorite things about this experience so far has been watching and listening to tyler tell our news to our friends and family. I can just see how excited he is for our baby and I can't wait to see him become the awesome dad I know he is going to be. I am one lucky lady!

 So now you are all up to date on all things baby. Many more posts to come, but hopefully they won't be this long!