Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 4, 2015

The Fourth of July is our most favorite holiday. There is something about having the same traditions every year that just get us so excited to celebrate. This year was especially exceptional because we got to introduce Milo to a lot of firsts!

We always start the festivities out by going to the Oakley Rodeo with friends. The rodeo goes pretty late, and we wanted Milo to stay up for fireworks the next day, so we decided not to bring him with us this time. Hopefully next year!
I love everything about the Oakley Rodeo, from the drive up there, to eating at the Polar Keen for dinner, to the bull riding (which, of course, is an all time favorite). It is the perfect way to start off a great holiday.

The 3rd of July brings us to the Eaglewood Fireworks in North Salt Lake. We camp out in a special spot for hours before the fireworks go off and just enjoy company with family and friends. Milo loved eating his bag of chips on the blanket and being able to run all over the place.

And, as always, some wrestling with dad has to happen!

Aunt Cayleen was very adamant that this year Milo needed a glow sword to play with so she was nice enough to get him one and my goodness he was excited!
He carried that sword everywhere with him. He mostly liked to pretend it was a vacuum and clean up all the messes :)
 Not pictured was the time we took him up to the dance floor where loud music was playing and he got to dance like a wild man and watch the guitarist play. He was in seventh heaven!

Finally the fireworks came on and Milo was mesmerized...

for about 5 minutes. Then all of this happened :)

Milo was such a champ for staying up 3.5 hours after his bedtime, but he loved every minute of it and we had a blast watching him have a blast!

The next day, the 4th, we woke up bright and early to go the Evergreen neighborhood breakfast and parade. Milo loved the parade, especially since he got to eat way too much candy.
Amy took Addison and Saydee in the parade and they did an amazing job! Next year we will be making them a float maybe :)

After the parade comes the carnival. Milo got to fish for some prizes (he cared more about the fishing pole than the actual prize),
and go down the big slide about 20 times,

and jump in the bounce house. He had so much fun doing all of it that it was really hard to pull him away to go home for a much needed nap.

Then that night it was time for another firework show at Sugarhouse Park. It started to get really windy, and we even got rained on a bit, but that didn't deter us or really anyone else. This night was a little more hectic since we camp out on a hill in a really crowded spot and Milo thought it was funny to run away :) but he still loved the second firework show and had a good time staying up so late.

It took Milo about 2 minutes to fall asleep in his stroller while walking back to the car after the show and now we are dealing with lots of repercussions with bedtime and nap, but it was all worth it! Until next year Fourth of July!