Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Before we even get to actual Christmas, we were sad this year that Aunt Mckenzie was going to have to work on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so we decided to get together a few days earlier to make sugar cookies and open the presents from her. 

We always start Christmas Eve off with a buffet breakfast at the Little America Hotel. It is one of my favorite traditions that me and Ty started. This year we almost missed the window for brunch since it's a little harder to get out to door with a baby in tow. But Milo fully enjoyed himself and ate as much fruit as his little belly could hold. He wasn't too interested in eating anything else, which made for some very messy diapers...

That night we headed over to my mom's house for dinner.

 And opening Christmas presents.
 My mom got Milo a wolf sleeping bag, which was by far his most favorite present. He loves to cuddle with anything soft and so kept throwing himself all over the sleeping bag.
 Christmas Day we wanted to have part of the morning to be with just us three so we opened stockings from Santa up in our bedroom. Milo got a new straw cup that he carries around with him everywhere. He got a bird smackaroo toy (we unfortunately had to return to Santa because it was defective)....

 and an orange that he gladly helped himself too. Not pictured was a wooden shape sorter, a sweatshirt, and some books. Santa spoiled this little boy for sure!

 Unbeknownst to Milo, there were more presents from Santa downstairs. We kept him upstairs all morning so that my mom, sister, and brother could come over and see Milo come downstairs for his big present. We were all waiting for him so he was a little shy to come get his toys :)

But, alas, he couldn't keep away from his new kitchen! We were so excited that Santa brought this for him. At the house that I nanny at, the kids have a kitchen that Milo plays with every single time we are there. He loves all the spoons and bowls and utensils. He constantly is carrying some sort of spoon with him wherever he goes. He was so excited about all of it!

 He also got a fire engine from his Auntie Cayleen that he was over the moon about as well!

 See what I mean about carrying utensils around with him?

After Milo saw all of his presents, we had the most delicious breakfast I have ever had. We made this overnight french toast that is to die for. Then we got to play some games while Milo took a little nap.

After my family left, we packed up and headed to Grandma Linda's house. I do not have a single picture from this night, which makes me sad, because it was a blast being with all of the Higginsons. We mostly chatted and prepared for dinner when we got there. Then sat down and ate and watched the little girls throw rolls in water while Milo was thoroughly entertained in his high chair. Then we got to do our Secret Sibling gift exchange, which is my favorite. Every year we draw a name of someone who we will give a gift to. This year we got Dustin and Lyle and Claudia got me and Tyler. Shortly after all the gifts were given and opened we headed home to get Milo to bed. It was a long, exhausting day but it has been the best Christmas yet!

Christmas celebrations

Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, we go to cut down our Christmas tree. And when I say we, I mean Tyler :) Me and Milo got to hang out in the car this year and wait for dad to bring back the tree.

Milo did love sitting next to the tree in the car. It always smells so delicious on the way home! It is so fun for us to be able to include Milo in on this tradition. In fact, all of our traditions are going to be extra fun this year because we have Milo with us!
On the opening night of Zoo Lights, my mom and I decided we would brave the crowds and go because the weather was so nice and warm. It ended up being a super fun night, Milo was entranced by all the lights that were everywhere.

We thought that with Milo this year we wouldn't be able to decorate the bottom of our tree. Surprisingly, he does not try and pull the ornaments off so our whole tree got to be decorated! While we were getting everything ready, Milo found entertainment by climbing on the lights box :)

We were lucky enough to get tickets to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert this year. We made plans to grab dinner at City Creek and look at the lights on Temple Square before the show but City Creek was packed! We basically got to look at the lights for about 5 minutes. Then Tyler took Milo home to go to bed and my mom and sister and I got to enjoy th show.

We took Milo to see Santa and Mrs. Claus up at Station Park. I was so anxious to see how Milo would react to sitting on Santa's lap, but Mrs. Claus could tell that he was about to freak out so she hurried and grabbed him and set him on her lap! He still was nervous but sat for a few seconds before crying :)
The fountains were going by Mr. and Mrs. Claus' house so, of course, this is the best way to watch them.
On another December night, we headed downtown to the Grand America Hotel. They have a bunch of window displays and a ginormous real gingerbread house. We did this very thing last year the night before Milo was born, so it was fun for us to take him here this year when he could actually see it all!
After the Grand America, we headed to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to hear cousin Christy sing in the One Voice Children's Choir. Milo loved running around in circles around the huge tree. He also was getting very friendly with all the people watching the choir sing and would go up to them and wave and play with their shoes and other kids toys :)
We were laughing at ourselves because we spent the night out on the town, but were home by 6:45 for Milo's bed time...

I am so glad that Milo has been here for this Christmas. Everything is so much more fun and magical with a little one around. We have enjoyed every minute of it. Can't wait to see what the other Christmas' have in store for us!