Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Look at these two little cuties at their Christmas Program! They are the sweetest and did such a good job. It is one of my favorite things going to Preschool Christmas programs.

For Christmas this year we had four family Christmas parties to attend. Luckily they were all on different days so there was no rushing around like Christmas usually is. We first had a Christmas party at my Aunt Lora's house. It was different being without Dani and Connor this year, but we know they are celebrating Christmas in an incredible way being on their missions. It was a fun filled night eating lots of food and playing our favorite German game, Elferaus.

Christmas Eve was spent at Linda's house. Just look at Ty with these cute girls. He is definitely the favorite uncle.

Again, we ate TONS of food and played lots of games. I made a pretzel jello salad that is to die for and it showed how much people liked it with how many times throughout dinner they asked what the ingredients were. I ended with a count of about 10 :) We decided to just post the recipe next time so everyone can see all at once what the ingredients are.

This is Christmas morning with me in my Moose Caboose onesies and peppermint slippers :) Ty and I love our matching onesies!

He looks like a kid again, all excited to go down the stairs and see his presents.

Me and Ty spent a little of Christmas morning at our house and then went over to my mom's to open some more presents. She served a yummy breakfast and we definitely got spoiled with gifts! Ty surprised me with winter boots that I was in desperate need of. My mom and I surprised him with a jacket that he has been wanting from Solomon for about a year now. I think I was most excited to see his face when he opened that present.

Then in the afternoon we went to see Les Mis. An incredible movie but it definitely needed an intermission. I had to talk to Ty throughout just to make sure that he stayed awake!

This year I put it upon myself to make sure that our house was ready for Christmas (post to come of our new house!). We worked so hard and got everything put together just in time to serve dinner at our house. Here are some pics of the place.

We served some yummy ribs and then played some more games. Our families can never get enough of games!

Which leads us to our next Christmas party at the Yorks house, which turned out to be a game night! They had a new game called Balderdash and people were going crazy with funny comments and outlandish answers! It definitely is a game we need to put on our list to buy.

I love the holidays. It is always when I remember how blessed I am and how much I am grateful for. I truly have a blessed life and I hope that I can keep this attitude with me as we go into this new year.

Here are some cute pics that I just recently got and wanted to share :) I am the luckiest aunt in the world!

Dancing With the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Wow what a week!! After practicing for two and a half months we finally got to perform at the Mormon tabernacle choir Christmas concert. The concert went for 4 days straight and resulted in a very tired maddie but it was one of the best experiences and I am so grateful that I was able to be apart of it.
It started with auditions back in December. I had not danced for about 4 years so I was feeling like there was no way possible that I would make it but, Heavenly Father must have known that I needed to do it, because I can not thing of any other way that I made the dance group. And I am so grateful!
Then we started practices being 2 nights a week for 3 hours each and I thought I was going to die! As soon as we learned the dance, carol, the dance choreographer, took pity on us and brought it down to once a week as the concert got closer.
Soon followed December and we found out finally who the guest artist would be. Alfie Boe and Tom Brokaw!! I was so excited even though I didn't know who Alfie Boe was at first :)
And, finally we made it to the week of the concert! I felt so special being able to perform in the huge conference center and be right by the booming voices of the Mormon tabernacle choir. There is just something about being in the same room as them and feeling the amazing spirit that they have.
During the concert performances I was able to meet Alfie Boe in person and get a picture, say hello to president Monson, shake president Uchtdorf's hand, and spot Mitt Romney! It was incredible! I was speechless in a couple of my encounters :)
So anyways, if you went to see it, I was one of the dancers in the aisles. Super fun place to be since we could wave and talk to the people next to us. We got super lucky that Tyler and Linda got seats right by where I was dancing so I got to wave to Tyler and watch him the whole time I was dancing.
Speaking of Tyler, he came to every performance but one and that was because he was feeling sick!! Talk about a supportive husband. I am so lucky.
I also ran into a couple of unexpected friends who were in the performances as well. Cute Adrienne was my buddy throughout the whole thing. And my "sister" holly was in the orchestra!
Seriously, so much fun. I could go on and on about it, but I won't! Here are some pics of the fun event.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Happenings

This Christmas has been a busy one and I don't even feel we have been doing all the celebratory things we normally do! With Ty having a final coming up and school and me practicing for the Christmas concert we try and fit other fun things in between.
A couple weekends ago we went to the Christkindl market that was at This is the Place park. We got to go to the market with our friends brad and rachelle and their cute baby Avery. We had never heard of it before and were very pleased with how it turned out! Basically the market is a German tradition every Christmas and vendors come and sell all of their christmasy projects. Ty and I bought homemade soap that was the best smelling soap I have ever gotten! We hope they keep the market going for years to come. It was kind of like a Christmas Oktoberfest!
Then this last weekend Ty and I went to the Dickens Festival. We had done this last year and loved it! This year it was a little more mellow and for some reason I was still on the homemade soap kick but I didn't find any! We did meet a cool blacksmith who made us a leaf though!
After the festival we got invited to spend the night with our friends Chase and Laura at a hotel and go hot tubbing. It was a fun little get away for us.
Now we are back into the grind this week. Wish Tyler luck on his final and wish me energy for practices and concerts every night this week til Sunday!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Madness

So many fun events have happened just in the past week that are going to make this a long post and many pictures!

First things first, it was my mom's birthday! This meant that it was the perfect opportunity to have the WHOLE family go and see the new Twilight movie (boys included). Though David and Ty may deny it, I think they rather enjoyed it. Tyler had a running commentary through the whole movie.
Overall, I think it was a good birthday for my momma. So grateful for her and all she has done for me and Ty!

The next day was Thanksgiving!! I love this holiday because it is full of food, relaxing, and thinking of those things that you are so blessed with. This year we got to spend it at my mom's house with my whole family and the Edgar family as well. We missed Dani and Connor this year because they are both on missions.
My mom had a very pretty table set up for the event, complete with new pottery barn table cloth that she got for her birthday!

A thought on Black Friday shopping: Ty and I have done it the past two years of our marriage and have loved it because we would complete all of our Christmas shopping in that one day and get killer deals. This year I had work so we didn't plan on doing very much. Well now having a year where we didn't do it I realized that we were fine and still have most of our Christmas shopping done. Maybe I will get more insane when we have children and I just HAVE to get that Firby for my child but for now I think that Black Friday shopping for us will stay at a just for fun status.

So instead of the shopping, we spent a fun filled day with Owen and Elle and then headed off to cut down our Christmas tree, which we are proud to say has been a running tradition of three years now! We did it when it was just starting to get dark so we had to pick our tree fast. Probably the best way we have ever done it! No arguing over which tree to get and me complaining about how cold I am and getting grumpy and then Ty having to cut and drag the tree out by himself. Yes, that actually happened :)

Here we have it fully decorated. This year, each of us kids contributed some sort of homemade item to the tree. That big ball of color in the front of the tree is David and Mckenzie's ugly Christmas bird they made. It adds quite a lot of character to the tree.

Mom and Cayleen made this pretty popcorn and cranberry garland inspired by Hillary :)

And Ty and I made this orange ornaments. I love them, they look like stained glass on the tree.

And finally we had to start the Christmas season off with a date night to go look at the Temple Square Christmas Lights. Our best newly wed friends, Meg and Kevin, invited us over for dinner at their new apartment and then we headed downtown to meet up with Kevin's brothers and their significant others. It was a fun filled night full of amazement at the fruits on the trees and Kevin singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for everyone walking by.

Tyler's a weirdo.

Macy's has their Christmas windows up and running again, just like what I remember when I was a kid! The ornaments they made out of candy were soo cool!

We finished the night off with some hot cocoa and comedy at the Off Broadway Theatre. 
We are so grateful for our friends that we have that will hang out with us even though were are old and married and no fun to be around anymore :)
We can't wait to post again but the other fun holiday stuff we do. We love this time of year!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Megan's Wedding

Megan and Kevin are finally married! It was such a special day and I've never seen a happier couple.

Everything about their wedding was perfect. They had a family dinner at the mandarin restaurant the night before the wedding that was entirely mustache themed. Everyone kept saying how good
Tyler looked with a mustache, not sure I agree ;).

Then the next day was the beautiful, snowy wedding at the draper temple. I'm glad Megan loves the snow because the rest of us were freezing!

Following the temple was the reception at cactus and tropicals, also in draper. There were plants everywhere and it was gorgeous! Megan and Kevin put a lot of thought into the little details of their wedding and had extra personal touches like Kevin's favorite drink, dr. Pepper, in a punch bowl and served cold stone ice cream, Megan's obsession.

Overall it was a perfect day and I could not be happier for my dear friend. Just look at these pictures, aren't they perfect :)