Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Why My Child Is A Gremlin

First off, if you have not seen the Christmas movie, The Gremlins, you are seriously missing out and you will have no idea what I am talking about in this post :)

Look at all these adorable pictures of our sweet baby. It kind of reminds you of this, right? Sweet, little Gizmo.

Well, don't let it fool you. Just like with Gizmo, there are certain rules that you need to follow with Milo to keep anything bad from happening. 

1. Do not put him down for a nap in his crib. You may only put him down for a nap while riding in the car.
2. Do not leave your wallet or recipe box anywhere within reach. Or, rather, do not leave anything that has objects that can be taken out of it anywhere in reach.
3. Keep him strapped in his stroller at all times when out in public.

If you break any of these rules then...
1. He will wake up from a nap in his crib like this 

2. You will lose all contents of said items.

3. He will run away as fast as he can, grab anything within sight to take with him, and have this look on his face.

And there you have it! 

Lucky for us, that is a very short list of rules to follow, and Milo is usually an amazing baby. In fact, we would not change anything about him for a second. 

Milo loves to explore. That is my favorite way to describe what he does best. He takes interest in everything and wants to see how it works and then do it himself. The kitchen is his ultimate exploring playground. He loves to have us pick him up and he will point to his favorite drawer (the one with all the giant spoons and random gadgets) and pick which utensil he wants, then walk around the room banging it on things and pulling out pots to cook with. If we go anywhere, you can bet he has been running everywhere that he can just so that he can catch a glimpse of all the new things.

Milo loves anything soft and cuddly. Give the kid a stuffed animal and he will hug it so tight and then carry it around like it is best friend. My favorite is watching him carry around pillows just to throw them onto the floor and dive on top of them.

Milo is giving. Holy cow, does he share everything with us! If he is eating or drinking anything you can count on him trying to shove some of it into your mouth too.

Milo is a helper. I never do anything on my own anymore. Laundry? Milo is there putting clothes in the washer and pushing the buttons. Sweeping the floor? Milo is holding the pan for all the crumbs to be swept into. Wiping off the counter? Milo has his own wash cloth. 

Milo is happy. If there is one thing that I hope Milo keeps with him throughout his life, it would be his confidence. He thinks that he is the funniest person ever!! He will laugh at anything that he does and, he is right, it is freaking hilarious! We don't understand what he is saying just yet, but whatever it is, Milo will let you know it is the best joke of the century. Even if he isn't laughing at himself, he will just be smiling and laughing at you and think that you are the funniest person ever. He even has quite the fake, chuckle type laugh down. 

To sum it up, Milo is the bomb.


Just look at this kid in all his glorious get-up. Snow boots and snow pants can not get any cuter!
For Milo's first birthday, Ty and I got him all the gear he needed to go sledding. We took him out on the most perfect Saturday, with fresh snow and the sun shining. We walked to the hill from Uncle David's house and Ty and Milo found it rather enjoyable to pull Milo in the sled with him laying down :)

First time going down the hill with dad! He loved it until a blast of snow hit him in the face... then it wasn't so awesome.
So Nana and Uncle David went to have a go.
and Milo and I hung out at the top watching everyone. He looks super unhappy right now, but wait, he gets better.
Cayleen and Ty and David had quite the race going down the hill.

I wish I could put videos into my blog books that I print out because Milo started doing his little happy dance where he stamps his feet as fast as he can because he was finally happy being in the snow and loved running around in it.
Not pictured was Milo finally deciding that he liked sledding and going down the hill again and again, laughing the whole way down :) It was a perfect day! Now if we could just get one more snowfall this year so we can go sledding at least one more time.