Wednesday, June 27, 2012

He's 24!

This past week has been a busy one! Tyler and I spent our first nights away from each other for the first time in our marriage this weekend! Crazy! We survived, luckily ;).

Tyler went on a backpacking trip with all of his buddies up in the Uintahs while I headed to St. George with my mom and sister. We both had a blast on our trips! Tyler got lots of pictures that I will have to put up here later when I get them and I took none. Woops! 

I went down to Cedar City to see the Shakespearean Festival and go to the Les Miserables play. It was so amazing! The best I have seen it done. 

Tyler has the best friends in the world. He felt like he had a whole birthday weekend because of them since they were constantly wishing him Happy Birthday and some of them had brought cakes and treats to celebrate with him. We were all so glad when he got home on his birthday so that we could celebrate with him too. We did a mini party where he got to open his presents, including the new bike pedals and shoes my mom and I got him!

And the partying continued even after that! The next day we got together with both of our families and celebrated up Mill Creek Canyon. For some reason my mind was totally off that day and I forgot a million things for the party including, the main dish, the hot dogs! But all was well and everything turned out in the end, including some of my new favorite pinterest recipes that I made. It was a blast and we love spending time with our families!

We also want to welcome a new member to the family!! Cute little Izzy is Hillary and Jesse's new puppy they just got! More baby than puppy, I would say. She is so stinkin cute and we love her so much already! 
And finally, I just wanted to brag about my latest find at the thrift store. I found this very very old wooden chest that is probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Can you believe it?! And the best part about it was the price that I got it for, thanks to the friendly worker who gave me her friends and family discount so that I wouldn't have to pay full price. She was so sweet. I can't wait to fix up this old chest a bit and put it in our house!

That's all for now, and a final Happy Birthday to my honey! Love that man :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fathers day and a Birthday

Goodness we have been busy around here! Some major changes have been going on that I will have to fill in on later.

For now, though, we had a very enjoyable weekend celebrating fathers day and David's birthday. We started our Sunday by teaching our primary class (not sure if I mentioned this but we got called to teach the 7 year olds again!) and did some fathers day activities with them.

Immediately after church, ty and I headed up emigration canyon to reserve our spot at Ruth's Diner for lunch with Larry. It was packed! We had an hour and a half wait but it was definitely worth it. Kip and Larry met up with us as soon as our reservation was ready. It was the perfect atmosphere being out on the back patio in the shade eating yummy food with live music in the background. I love summer :)

We then rushed to my moms house to have second lunch with David for his 25th birthday party. We barbecued and played a million games of elferhaus (David didn't win one game poor guy ;) ).

I have the best brother in the world, by the way. He has always been such a good friend to me ever since I got cool enough in 9th grade to be his friend :) before then... Well let's just say he was the reason I was nicknamed 'screamy meamy' in my family. He drove me crazy! now all my screaming just goes to Tyler :)

After David's party was over we went to the Andresen home to celebrate Tanners engagement!! We are so happy for him and Jessica, congrats guys!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm concerned

I lose hair. A lot. All over the floor, all over the shower, all over the sink. Ty does not lose a single hair upon his head, so what the heck? Am I just bound to be bald one day, because I know I'm not growing enough hair to cover the losses!

It's not only my concern but Tyler's as well, he hates finding my hair everywhere! Which makes a fun game for me :)

I have a habit of putting my loose hairs up on the wall of the shower after I have washed it and then leave it there even after I'm done showering and out of the house. Ty is always reminding me to clean it up, but of course I forget. SO since I know how much it drives Tyler crazy, I will leave cute little messages written with my lovely long brown hair on the wall of the shower for him to wake up to in the morning :) I can just tell it is favorite part of the day!

Way to go me for finding a way to make something annoying for Tyler not so annoying anymore!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Many Faces of Tyler

With Tyler working at a bank, he meets many different people. One thing that happens a lot with these people is they tell him that he looks like certain celebrities. Notice that I say "celebrities" and not "celebrity". People tell Tyler that he looks like all sorts of different people and I have never heard of ANYONE getting it so much. So, today I have decided to put up comparison pictures and we'll see who the celebrity look alike winner is!

First we have John Lennon:

Then we have Justin Bieber:

Then we have Johnny Depp:

And finally Even Lysacek (A figure skater who went on Dancing with the Stars):

WOW! There you have it :) And these are just the few that we remember! People have come up with so many other celebrities that they think Tyler looks like but, for now, we will just go with these. So, what's your vote?