Friday, February 24, 2012

Modern Family

So this is what our night consisted of. Pigging out, in bed, watching episode after episode of Modern Family Season 2 (which we are watching a second time after finishing it just a couple weeks ago). 

Tyler and I LOVE this show so much. We think that we love it so much because we can relate to it so well. We particularly like to relate ourselves to Phil and Claire and the marriage that they have. 

Phil and Claire have an ongoing battle of who gets to be the fun parent. Phil, of course, is always the fun parent and Claire has to be the one who enforces the rules and everything else. Now Tyler's goal in life is to be like Phil, which he doesn't even need to work on, he already is like him! We don't even have kids yet and I know that Ty is going to be the fun parent and I'm going to be the one the kids are all scared of :) 

Claire puts it perfectly when she says, "You know that kid who wears pajama bottoms to school and pays for everything in hundred dollar bills? That kid has TWO fun parents!" So, I am resigned to my fate that we both can't be the fun parents and I will just have to assume that role before Tyler can :) Bring it honey!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Want To Be a Figure Skater

Before I go into this figure skating business, I want to mention the birthday of an amazing sister in law. Amy is the best, I look up to her in so many ways, but especially her way of being a mom. She is incredible!! We got to celebrate with her at Fat Cats this weekend and we all rocked at some bowling (me especially since I beat Ty :) is it a problem that we are so competitive with each other and I love it when he loses?).

We love Adyson!! 
Linda was a fantastic dancer/cheerleader for everyone :)

Now for the figure skating. We are very blessed to have a good friend who hooked us up with some tickets to go to the Figure Skating Olympic Celebration at the Delta Center. HOLY COW!!! It was amazing and inspired me to get some skates on and learn how to do all that cool stuff! Those skaters were amazing, obviously because they are in the Olympics! The whole performance was so good and we were pretty much chummin' with Mitt Romney. Here are some pics, though not all of them turned out the greatest.

Yes that is Sara Hughes!

A couple from England                                               These guys tap danced on ice!
The Crew

There was not a good picture to be found of us...

Another end to a fantastic weekend. I love it when Tyler and I plan nothing for the weekend and then awesome things happen :) We are lucky to have such amazing people around us to make life exciting.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Part 2

Just look at that delicious Raspberry Decadence for two... so romantic and so completely tasty that it just has to be the best valentines dessert ever! Tyler surprised me with dinner at the Tuscany. Wow! It was so romantic and soooo yummy!
I was also surprised with movie tickets to go see The Vow!! My hubby is the best, he HATES chick flicks and so I know this was a big sacrifice and it was a show of his true love for me (even though he fell asleep a couple times during the movie). But I think it was all evened out when I finally gave him his running shoes that he's been waiting to have for a month! 

Our valentines was quite a success and the hubs spoiled me rotten. Thanks babe!

P.S. Look at this little cutie. He made my valentines pretty awesome too, love that kid!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines lovin'

Started out my day with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! These are the prettiest flowers I have ever gotten, Tyler out did himself this time! I don't think he'll be able to top these ones I love them so much!

Ty also gave me the gift of gettin my nails did :) which I took advantage of this Saturday. These are what we call dip nails, I love them. So much better than acrylic nails!

Last night was really the start of our festivities when we went to an intro to fine chocolate class at tony caputos. (thanks hillary and Jesse!). My eyes were completely opened to chocolate and all of it was soooo good! We got to taste probably about 10 kinds of chocolate and we were in love with pretty much every one. They basically were trying to teach us that grocery store chocolate (or chocolates like Godiva) are not real chocolate, just vanilla flavored candy and I must say I agree with them now! Too bad real chocolate is a little pricy but that did not stop us from buying some last night :)

Now for the actual valentines plans, those are left up to Tyler! Can't wait to find out what we're doing!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blazing Fires

I have been very far behind on blogging lately! We have been busy with bonfires, birthdays, and eating out with friends.

I want to talk a little about 2 of our favorite people who just had birthdays this week. First we have my brother (forget the word in law) Dustin. I love that kid! He is always so happy and cheerful and has been such a good support to me and Ty. From day one Dustin has been our Photographer for EVERY event in our life together and he has also been the best chaperone :) now he is getting married to an amazing girl and we're so excited to have her be apart of the family! Congrats to those guys!!

Then my best friend Megan has her birthday today! We have been friends since jr. High and I cannot imagine my life without her. She has been there trough thick and thin and no matter how busy our lives get, we still can get together like no time has passed at all. I love that girl.

We are so blessed with such amazing family and friends!

We also have been able to catch up with some of our married friends. I have been slacking on pictures, but we got to see Riley and sara who are visiting from new jersey, and chace and breanne. Sara is pregnant!!! We are So excited for them! Good for them for taking the plunge, now if I can just convince Tyler (just teasin honey :) h.

Well that is the catch up for now, more to come later!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Christmas Tree

So yesterday our Christmas tree was finally taken down.... Why, you ask, are we taking it down a month and a half after Christmas? Because I have a husband who 100% supports a bonfire that is happening tonight where Christmas trees are burned and he wanted ours to be a part of it.

It has been a good day with February 3rd coming around because I have been bugging Tyler to get rid of that tree since Dec. 26. All Christmas decorations are gone on that day, especially the tree! Hopefully next year we can come up with a better system of getting that tree down, but for now I will be happy that we finally have more space in our living room :)

Happy Friday!