Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Milo's Blessing Day

Milo was blessed by his dad on March 2 at our home. It was wonderful for us to be able to have it at our home and have all of our close friends and family there. Everyone who attended has touched our lives in some way and we are so grateful for everyone who came. I just wish I had done a better job at taking pictures! 

All tuckered out after being passed around to everyone. 

Grandpa Lloyd played the accordion for some entertainment.

The higginsons were nice enough to stay after and help clean up. We love them!

The family picture we got taken of the three of us was kind of a bummer because somehow Milo had sneaked through his diaper and peed all over the floor :S So we had to change him. He still looks very handsome, though, and you just can't have a baby blessing without something like that happening!

Milo's Third Month

Milo turned 3 months! So, of course, it's time to write about what he has been up to :)

Remember way back when he got his shots? Well the rest of the day he was pretty dramatic and very sickly :( He did not like being in pain from those shots one bit.
Milo has started grabbing at toys a little bit. This one time he grabbed this toy and brought it to his mouth! It cracks me up how proud I get when he does little things like this.
I like to call milo my little superman because he likes to put his arm straight up in the air- like this:
We have a smiley little boy on our hands- especially after he has just woken up from a nap and eaten.
We got to go on our first long walk this month because the weather has been getting much warmer. Milo talked to me almost the whole time until he fell asleep. I can't wait for the weather to stay warm so we can do this more often!
My three favorite kids :)
I bought these octobum pjs for Milo the day before this picture was taken and they were already too small! They are 3 month size. Stop growing little boy!
Here we have nakey superman :) Milo loves hangin' out in his diaper. He will kick his legs around like crazy and talk at the top of his lungs.
The picture above is one of my favorites. Sometimes I feel like Milo looks at me and is thinkin, "amature..." I had been trying to get him to take a nap and he was just crying away. When I went to try and calm him down, I found that he had a messy diaper. Poor guy! So here he is looking at me like, "Ya mom, I told you I couldn't take a nap!"
The picture below is Milo loving his swing at the Chrastil's house.
I cannot get enough of those big eyes, long curly eyelashes, and chunky arms. Not to mention the color of those eyes! They are almost staying a super dark greyish brown color. I can't even describe it, but I hope that they stay like that!
Riding in the cart while shopping with mom and nana.
He seriously loves his nana. He doesn't snuggle with me very often but, every time he is with her, he buddles right in.
All he needs is a beard and pipe and he could be a true drunken sailor :)
This is what we think of tummy time right now...
He is starting to figure out how to suck his fingers a little bit better. This is what he came up with one day... I'll take it over the pointer finger :)
Graduating to 3 month clothes.
This picture is a little blurry but I love it because it shows Milo talking to me. He has become kind of a distractible baby while nursing. He will stop all the time to smile at me or tell me what is on his mind.
Dad came to visit us at work one day.
And he got to play with aunt Megan for a little bit too. This is one of the first times he has been awake for her and he was smiling at her like crazy! I wonder if he can sense the little baby she is carrying around in her tummy and knows that one of his best friends will be here soon.
Milo's personality has definitely come out so much more this month. I think that he will be a very good communicator because he is very vocal about his feelings and does not express them quietly. He loves to shout and coo and make noises all the time. He will talk while we are changing him, while he is laying on the floor, while we are walking around with him, while he is in his car seat. ALL the time! And he is very dramatic about what he is feeling as well. You never have to guess with this kid.
Milo is also one that doesn't like to sit still for very long. He always wants to be on the move and I'm always asking him where he thinks he is going to go! Whenever anyone is holding him he is always looking around and twisting and turning, almost like he just wants to get down and go somewhere. I can tell right now that this little guy will be causing me lots of trouble once he can be on the move. 
As you can tell by my millions of pictures, we are still crazy about our baby. I just cannot get enough of him. Can't wait to see what the next month brings us.