Friday, October 25, 2013

October Happenings

Get ready for picture overload! We have been doing a lot this month! First off, we got to go to a haunted corn maze with meg and Kevin. I was doing everything I could to keep myself from freaking out because I didn't want to scare the baby (is that weird that I thought I needed to do that?). I always love a good corn maze around Halloween!

Ty sent me this picture of him rushing the field at a U football game. Sounds like it was an exciting game though I'm just glad he didn't break something in the rush!
We also got some free tickets to a jazz game and turned it into a little date night with jake and Haley. We ended the night by racing to cold stone before it closed, us pregnant ladies can be a little crazy!

One of my most favorite traditions is taking my kids to This is the Place park for their trick or treating event. Elle was rapunzel and Owen was sonic. I thought their costumes were awesome!
We were lucky enough to have Julie, Holly, Poppy, Will, Ben, and Lukey come with us this year. It is always an adventure with this crew!
My cousin Dani returned from her mission in Taiwan! So fun to have her home. 
We went to the pumpkin patch and came out with a hay bale and millions of pumpkins even though we always say we won't. Hubby looks hot, I look ginormous :)

Another tradition Ty and I have around this time of year is taking Owen and Elle up millcreek canyon to look at the leaves and go on a little hike. This was our best year yet! The kids loved the hike, we didn't have to carry anyone, and they loved looking at all the pretty fall colors. We can't wait to take milo to do all this fun stuff. 
We also took a little trip up to Idaho to visit Ty's grandparents. Ty was surprised with a gift from grandpa, his very own accordion! It is one of the many that grandpa has played throughout his life. 
Well I am glad I have caught everything up so far, though October isn't over yet and we have a lot more things coming up! I will try and stay on top of it all.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baby Shower Given by Linda

This last Saturday Linda threw a shower for me and baby Milo! It was too much fun and I am so grateful for her and all of her hard work in putting it together. She made it all into a fall theme and we played a game where we found out she had 107 pumpkins in her house! Every inch was covered and it made it so festive.

This is a picture of some of the lovely ladies who came and supported me. We are missing a few here, but I am so lucky to have all of them in my life and know that Milo will be a much loved little guy!
Just a little snippet of Linda's awesome decorations. These onesies spelling out MILO were my favorite.
Aunt Julie and Linda made this darling Halloween Diaper cake that I LOVE so much and will probably never take apart :) It is the cutest diaper cake I have ever seen!

Linda put so much work and time into this shower and I am the luckiest to have her as a mother in law. 
This shower has made me so much more excited for Milo to get here since we are getting all of these wonderful things for him. We only have 9.5 more weeks to go!!! I can hardly wait!