Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Ward

This last Sunday Ty and I spent our first day at our new ward. It happens to be the ward that I spent my teenage years in and I have missed it!
Immediately when we got there, people welcomed us and asked how we were doing. I thought maybe it was just because they knew me, but even with Tyler they were so welcoming! Everyone was introducing themselves to him.
In relief society I got assigned visiting teaching and in priesthood, Tyler was already helping plan the ward party! That night, sister Gill the relief society president came over with a belated birthday gift (I wasn't even in the ward when it was my birthday!) AND a bag full of food to make a dinner just to welcome us. Talk about kindness!
I'm so grateful for our new ward! I have just been reminded how much our church teaches us to be kind and serve others. Im grateful that we can be in the ward we are in to take part in that service!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blast of a Weekend

I don't know why bountiful always celebrates their holidays not actually on the holiday. Like the 4th of July is celebrated on the 3rd and the 24th of July was celebrated on the 20th. I'm not complaining, I love that we have an extra day to celebrate the holidays, but I have never understood it!

Anyways, I was able to take Owen and Elle to all the bountiful celebrations for pioneer day. We went to the carnival, swimming, the parade, and fireworks. We had such a blast! We changed things up this year and ended up watching the fireworks from bountiful ridge golf course rather than at the jr. High. We are definitely going to keep doing that for years to come! It was way less busy.

I continued to get spoiled for my birthday this weekend too. David and mckenzie got me a gift card to Bombay house so Ty and I went there for dinner before going to see dark night rises. Best movie of my life!! It was so so good, I left the theatre wanting to watch it again right then I loved it so much. Ty actually tried to hold back tears in the show ;)

And the fun didn't end there. Cayleen took me to see Wicked at Capitol theatre. Best broadway of my life! It was so good and I was so lucky that Cayleen took me.

Tyler and I always joke about having a birthday week and take full advantage of all the things that we can do (such as listening to our own music in the car) so I am sad that my week is over but it was the best birthday eva! I am one lucky gal

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tangled Birthday

For my 22nd birthday, I was spoiled. I have the best hubby for putting it all together for me and the best family for all coming to celebrate with me!

The night before my birthday, I had gotten really sick and was in bed at about 7. While I was sleeping, Ty was being sneaky and decorating downstairs. He put purple and yellow streamers all over the place and even made me a birthday chair :) I loved it!

I was lucky enough to have Ty get work off on my birthday so he could come with me to take the kiddos to Seven Peaks! We had a blast! Owen and Elle were crazy about the water slides and had the time of their lives. We could have easily spent the whole day there.

Then my mom joined us to go get some snow cones and to watch the kids with Ty while they let me go get a much needed hair cut. I always love getting a good hair cut. It makes me feel so fresh!

For my birthday dinner I knew where I for sure wanted to go. I have been obsessed with the Old Spaghetti Factory. They have the yummiest Garlic Bacon Mizithra dish that you have to try! My mom, David, Cayleen, and Mckenzie were all able to come as well as Linda, Larry, Randy, Jo, and Kip. But, of course, the life of the party was Hillary, Jesse, Owen, and Elle.

While I was opening the presents, Owen asked me where his present was for me. I explained to him that he had already given it to me, reminding him that it was a dinner and a nights stay at a hotel in Park City (such an awesome gift that I am so excited about! Thank you Hillary and Jesse). His response to that was, "Do I get to come with you?! Please, please, please let me come with you!" I guess we could get a double queen bed room :)

I was so glad that everyone was able to come to dinner and celebrate with me. I definitely feel blessed that I have such an awesome and supportive family. It was my favorite part of my birthday.

But, little did I know, the fun wasn't over. When we came home, Tyler surprised me with a Tangled cake!!!! I love Tangled :) He even had Tangled napkins AND a tangled princess cup for me. He's the best :) He did play a joke on me with candles that relight every time you blow them out, very funny Tyler! I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't go out!

Tyler even completed my Tangled party by getting me floating lights. For reals. I couldn't believe it either. They actually light up and float away into the sky, just like on Tangled. Where were these when we got married?!

One thing that I especially love about my birthday, that is an added memory, is that I got engaged to my honey on this day! I love thinking about it and how perfect that day was. It's so crazy to say that 2 years ago we got engaged, how time flies! Best decision I ever made to marry that man :)

All in all it was an awesome day and I want to thank everyone for making it so special for me! These are the only pictures I got, and I had to take a picture of my new Silhouette SD that my mom and Ty got for me. I am SO excited about! It has opened a whole new world of crafting for me.

I Held a Kangaroo

So last Friday, Hillary came home from work and told me that we would have the opportunity to go see a baby kangaroo this week! Crazy! I'd never thought in a million years I'd get to go hang out with a kangaroo.
A friend of Hillary's at the VA nurses baby kangaroos from the time they are old enough to be away from their mom but not old enough to go to a zoo yet. She has had 9 kangaroos in the past 12 years, what a fun job! Since she works at a nursing home, she brings the kangaroo with her and she told us that the kangaroo works wonders with her patients. Especially this kangaroo.
Her name is Matty (such a good name if I do say so myself) and she was the sweetest little thing. We had to hold her like a baby and she would nuzzle in and suck on our hair or clothes. She was so mellow and even let Elle kiss her face and rub her ears. Elle managed to get her whole mouth around her nose while kissing her :)
Owen's favorite part was chasing her around and watching her hop, and she could hop so fast! It was definitely a chase to get her back in the room. Elle would tell everyone that a kangaroo says, "Hop hop!" and then hop around like one. Cutest thing ever.
One crazy thing about kangaroos that I did not know is that their tails are pure muscle, and strong muscle at that! It's almost like a third foot for them and Matty would balance just on her tail a couple times. We were able to feel her tail and it was just like a snake!
It was an awesome experience and thank you Hillary for letting me tag along with you and the kids! Now for some pictures:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July Week

I love the 4th of July! It is One of my most favorite holidays because I always feel like my whole week is just filled with stuff and this past week did not disappoint!

We started off with the bountiful eaglewood fireworks on the 3rd of July. We always spend time with the hydes, edgars, meads, and the Chrastils. I love all of our family!

Then the fourth is kicked off with a yummy breakfast from the lions club and the evergreen parade right by Linda's house. This year we went to the carnival with Amy and addyson that follows the parade. Addyson was a doll and only wanted to be in the bounce house (I think we know what to do for her birthday now!).

As tradition goes, we then head to the swim club and Ty and I were lucky to have kipper come play around with us. We made some friends with some little boys and played 'keep away' from kip the majority of the time :)

Is anyone tired of all these activities yet?? Don't worry, we went home ad were able to take a short nap before heading to the sugar house fireworks with the Higginsons and the Chrastils.

Can I just take a break right here and say, first of all, I'm so glad that I married someone who loves the fourth as much as I do and that we were able to combine our traditions to make an even more awesome holiday and even start our own traditions together. Secondly, I'm so glad that we get to celebrate the fourth with Hillary, Jesse, Owen, and Elle now! They bring so much more fun then we would have if they weren't there.

And now to finish off our fourth of july week, we always complete it by going to the Oakley rodeo with friends. I love this rodeo! And we were lucky enough to be able to go to big d and jays cabin in Oakley before the show to play some horse shoes and UNO :) such a good time with great friends.

Woo, That was quite a week but i would not change a thing. I'm sad that the week is over, but there is much more to come this month!