Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Congrats to the Hubs!

My wonderful hubby has snagged a very awesome job! I am so proud and so excited for him to start this new adventure. He will be working for Save Our Canyons!!! (applause, applause).

A little background on what's going on with Tyler. Though it may seem that the only thing going on in our life is Milo (which, let's be honest, is mostly true), Tyler has been very busy with a strong passion in his life. Ever since he redirected his focus to school, a change has come over my husband. I have never seen him become so passionate about anything like he has with environmental sustainability. Going to the U has broadened his scope so much and now it has brought on almost a change of lifestyle for us. Simply put, Tyler is going to save the planet :)

I must admit that I am still working on converting over to this lifestyle that my husband would like his family to live. But I have made some small steps! We no longer drink bottled water, we have about a million reusable bags for grocery shopping (still trying to remember to bring them with me to the store...), only organic and trying to buy just local fruits and veggies, started our own vegetable garden and have stayed away from pesticides, and that's just to name a few. Tyler has made a huge leap and brought our car use down to one instead of two. He takes public transportation EVERYWHERE.

There have been lots of environmental issues in our neighborhood. The biggest that most people know about is Stericycle. Tyler joined many people in our neighborhood and all over Utah to 'Fight for Clean Air' that brought on moving Stericycle away from our neighborhood. The current issue right now is our city wanting to put PCE in our irrigation water. Tyler is sure to let everyone know the effects of PCE and is fighting against them putting it in our water.

It is truly a blessing that Ty got the job with Save Our Canyons. It is something that is in his field of work that he wants to pursue and will definitely be good experience for him to have down the road. So, what is Ty doing for Save Our Canyons? He is in charge of coordinating a study on the use of the Wasatch Mountains that is to be used as part of the Mountain Accord Project (MAP). The MAP will be used to help make decisions involving the use of the Wasatch. He is so excited to be doing this work!

So now that you know all of this is going on, don't be surprised if later on down the road we have solar panels on the roof of our house and our landscape changed to conserve more water, it's all part of the process :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Milo is 5 Months!

Wow, this past month has felt like a whirlwind. Our baby boy is definitely no longer a little baby anymore and his personality is starting to really come out. I didn't even know a 5 month old baby could have so much personality! He keeps me on my toes all day, every day but I would not change it for the world. I love my little rambunctious ball of trouble :)
Probably my favorite moments with Milo are on the weekends when the three of us get to hang out in bed together for a little bit. He definitely loves chillaxin'.
Tummy time is starting to be something that he likes more. It's still not his favorite position to be in, but he will do it for a little bit.
He was finally big enough to set up his exersaucer and my oh my that has been a life saver! This little boy loves to be UP and so this ginormous contraption that makes way too much noise is something he can be in while I try and get things done around the house.

This month Milo got sick and it was the saddest thing. He had the runniest nose and a really bad cough that broke my heart. It was so hard on him that he stopped sleeping through the night, which made it not so fun for mommy either.

Bath time is still a favorite. Now he kicks his legs around like crazy while chewing on a toy or his wash cloth :)
Easter was so much fun with our little guy! The Easter Bunny loved putting together a little basket for him. As we started feeding him food this month we quickly discovered that he LOVES spoons. Like give this kid a spoon and he will be happy to chew away at it for some time. So, of course, the bunny had to give him some spoons in his basket. He also got bowls, a teether, a "That's Not My Duck" Usbourne book, and, just like every other kid out there, Frozen (maybe that was a little more for mom...).
Sunday morning shnuggles. Like I said, we like hanging out in bed on the weekends.

I am so glad I got a picture of this moment... We were grabbing dinner at a pizza place in Salt Lake. Milo was sitting, completely frozen, in his car seat. Then all of a sudden he gets his pooping face and immediately I realize I did not restock on diapers... crap. We take him out of his seat and see that he had a major blowout, and I immediately realize I didn't pack a change of clothes... Needless to say, Milo and I left Ty at the restaurant, headed to Whole Foods which was the closest grocery store, and spent way more on diapers than I would have liked. Then changing him in the bathroom was a whole other adventure that I will spare you the details on. Poor kid had to be in a onesie that came away unscathed the rest of the cold night. Surprisingly, I did come prepared with at least a blanket for the kid. These are the moments where I'm sure Milo thinks that his parents are definitely amateurs.
Another family outing adventure up to Ruth's Diner in the canyon. We drove all that way just to wait 2 hours for our yummy breakfast that we HAD to have. Milo was a trooper and hung out in the car very cheerfully the majority of the time.

Now this picture documents the days of Milo discovering how to roll over. And by roll over, I mean rolling over multiple times, resulting in him rolling away from me whilst trying to change his diaper. See what I mean about trouble?
Milo LOVES these kids.
Just a little photo shoot in his diaper and being a poser.
Along with spending the weekends in bed- Milo will just lay in our bed while Ty and I get ready for the day in the bathroom and just stare at us. I guess we must be pretty entertaining...

Ever since Milo mastered the art of rolling he's decided that sleeping on his tummy is his preference- complete with legs crossed and bum in the air.
Just causing more trouble and running out of room to roll around. He can only roll to one side you know :)
Grabbing Owen's nose and ear- gotcha!
His latest discovery of pulling off his diaper- um wait a minute- I thought like 9 month old babies did this?? I hope I am not going to need to invest in rolls of duct tape...
Things about Milo that I want to remember:
-Milo started eating food this past month! He eats just about everything that we have given to him, he just has to be in a good mood. We recently discovered that his favorite food is sweet potatoes. 
-Milo can be one fussy little gus. From about 4 o'clock til bed time he typically is not in the happiest moods. People call it the witching hour, we call it the witching 3 hours :) This makes it very hard to take him anywhere when we want to get together with people. Hopefully this is just a phase...
-After Milo recovered from being sick, he finally started sleeping through the night again. Now he will sleep a full 12 hours. Hallelujah!
-Spitting has become a new favorite activity of his. It is the cutest thing and makes us laugh so hard. Too bad he discovered how to spit when we started feeding him food though, that makes quite the mess!
-When me and Milo get home from work, he immediately goes into the Moby Wrap. He LOVES being carried around it. I have no idea why, but it works out awesome because then dinner gets cooked and floors get vacuumed :)
-Milo will grab onto anything and everything in sight, especially if it's the food that we are eating. He loves to hold onto toys and his Wubbanub binkies (though he won't suck on binkies anymore, he does like to bite them!). His coordination is getting so much better, though it's not so great for my hair that he likes to grab as well...
-Milo and dad have a special bond. Nobody can make Milo laugh like dad can. Mom could spend all day trying to get this kid to give her a chuckle, but bring dad in the room and Milo will be roaring with laughter! 

We sure love our little man and have enjoyed every new stage in his life. Now if he would just slow down his growing a little bit :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

In Memory of Grandma Higginson

This month has been a hard one for the Higginson family. We were sad to hear the news that Tyler's cousin Derrik had passed away. Then the sadness continued when about a week later Grandma Higginson had a stroke that placed her in the hospital. Everyone sort of knew that this would be it for Grandma so the family all got together to see her at the hospital for one last time on this earth. It was hard to see her the way that she was but we were all so grateful that we at least got to say goodbye.

Her funeral was absolutely perfect- just the way we think she would have wanted it. Ty's cousin, Ian read a poem first.
Then Ty had the honor to speak about Grandma's life. I was so grateful that he had this opportunity because, as he was researching everything about her, we learned a lot more about grandma that we hadn't known before. She was a hard working lady!
Then grandma's sister, Shirlene, spoke. She is one spunky lady and had us all laughing about the life grandma lived.
And, lastly, Ty's cousin Chris spoke about what a day with grandma was like.
Then Larry thanked everyone for coming...
and all of grandma's grandchildren walked her casket out.

After the funeral there was a lunch provided at Grandma's favorite restaurant. It's not a family event without getting a picture of all the Higginson brothers together :)

We are so grateful for Grandma Higginson. She was always an entertaining individual to go and visit. She knew everything that was going on with everybody and was always so proud of her family. I am so glad that Milo was able to meet grandma before she passed, but I am even more grateful that we know we will be able to see her again. We love you Grandma!