Friday, October 30, 2015

Cross E Ranch

In our neighborhood there was lots of talk about the new Cross E Ranch just down the road from us. We had heard amazing things about it, so we decided to check it out for ourselves! Milo was so excited to see all the pumpkins and tractors that he just had to run everywhere!

There were cute baby pigs and little goats fighting to stand on top of the hay stack.

There was a mini corn maze that we ended up getting slightly lost in and coming out the emergency exit...

There was a pumpkin patch where they had the best pumpkins I have ever seen!

And the best part for Milo was getting to ride in the wagon,

We also had the owners took us on a hay ride and showed us their whole ranch. Milo just wanted to ride in the tractor that was pulling us :)

Oh my goodness this face!

Having Milo be older for this Halloween has been so much fun. He LOVES pumpkins and points them out every time he sees them. We, as parents, have so much more fun taking him to seasonal activities just to see the excitement in his eyes at everything that is so new. I can't even tell you right now how excited I am for Christmas! But, I need to simmer down a little...

Utah State Fair

The Utah State Fair is one of our favorite traditions and this year Milo got to join in on all the fun! That tall, long, skinny ride that you see pictured here was the only ride Milo wanted to go on. He kept calling it an airplane :) Sorry pal, gotta wait a few more years!

There was a section at the very back of the fair that was just for kids. It was all set up to teach kids where their food comes from. Each kid got an apron and a basket to carry around and do all the activities. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever!

Milo even got to ride a mini tractor. A huge tantrum took place after this picture was taken because he did not want to get off...

Gathering eggs from chickens. Oh ya, none of this was real. He also got to milk a "cow", comb a "sheep's wool", and plant "vegetables".

Just handing in all of the goodies he got from working on the farm, only to receive "money" and use it to buy his own special treat.

Seriously, I could not get over how amazingly educational this activity was and how fun it was for Milo to do it. I never want my kid to say that all of our food comes from the grocery store.

The activities that are not pictured here were 1) Milo dancing his little heart out to the live band that was playing. He loved watching the drummer and could have spent all night jumping up and down and spinning around. 2) Ty taking Milo on a potato sack down a ginormous slide. Milo walked all that way up to the top, so excited to go down, only to start shouting, "No down!" when they got to the very top. Needless to say, the ride down was not super thrilling for him, but he was brave and no tears were shed. 3) We ended the night with 3 flavors of homemade ice cream on top of a ginormous brownie. It was delicious!

'Til next year State Fair!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

September 2015

There are always random photos that I take throughout the month that I never want to lose. So I want to have them in this blog and just do a random, little post.

One night I was spying on Ty comforting Milo back to sleep, sweetest thing ever :)

We went on a family hike to Albion Basin and, I'm not usually one to love hiking, but this was a great time together and everything was so beautiful.

I love my little buddy SO much.

We were excited to grow pumpkins this year and were lucky enough to get one. It grew to be pretty good size!

Milo playing at Nan's house. He loves being there and is always so happy around her.

Milo has a night time routine of watching Mater's Tall Tales on Netflix before bed, reading books like Pout Pout Fish, Little Owl Lost, and Elmo Boo Boo, and then he requests us to sing Happy Birthday to him before laying him in bed. Every single night :)

Tyler went out of town on a camping trip, so Milo, Nana, and I went to Discovery Gateway. Milo was so happy, squealing from one station to the next. He didn't even know where to begin or end, there was just so much that he wanted to do!

Playing in the ball pit.

Splashing around at the water table.

Riding tractors and stacking blocks

Filling cars up with gas.
It definitely was a highlight and something we want to do with him again.

One day Winter was coming over for a play date and Milo wanted to paint her a picture.

These two always play together so well. They were playing peek a boo on the couch with pillows and hugging each other.

Ty took Milo on a hike and, while they were out, Milo fell right to sleep in the backpack.

Nana got Milo some Hunter Boots, so naturally we had to take a GQ photo :)

California 2015

All summer long we have been looking forward to going to Newport Beach to take part in Chase and Aubree's wedding. We loved making a little mini vacation out of it. Thanks to Chase and Aubree for letting us be apart of their special day and use it as an excuse to go on vacation!

Milo had not flown on a plane since he was about 7 months old. He now loves planes and loves to point them out in the sky every time he sees them so we were really excited to take him flying this time. Something about flying on planes makes me super sleepy. I am usually out like a light before we even take off. I guess Ty was the same this time too because we both were struggling staying awake! Who knows what Milo was doing half the time on that flight, just sitting on the floor in front of me, because I was dozing pretty much the entire time! I assume that he was good though because everyone who talked to us said that he is such a good traveler :)

When the plane landed in California, Milo was ready to get off and super crabby because the flight was during his nap time. When we finally got off the plane, we had to wait a couple minutes for our stroller, and Milo fell right to sleep in my arms and then continued to stay asleep in the stroller. We were thrilled since this meant we could have some peace waiting for our bags and getting our rental car.
After getting our rental car we had about an hour drive to get to the house we were staying at. Tyler had booked us a room in the home of a single woman through Air B&B. This was something different for us, since we usually stay in hotels, so we were anxious to see how it would be staying in a house of a complete stranger. 

Disclaimer: If you do not like reading about bodily fluid, stop here. As we were driving through stop and go traffic, Milo was getting really fussy. I thought he was hungry so I was trying to feed him some food when, before my eyes, he started throwing up all over the place and it just kept comin... So we pulled off the freeway to the gas station to try and clean up the mess with paper towels, meanwhile there is throw up all over the car seat and Milo. It was terrible! There were some nice men who gave us some rags to help clean up the mess but we really needed to put everything in a washer. 

We got back on the road after trying to clean everything up and, not 5 minutes went by, and Milo started to throw up AGAIN. Oh man. We tried to clean him up as best we could but decided to press on and just get to the house. We were grateful that the woman who was hosting us wasn't going to be there when we arrived. 

We made up a game plan that I would stay at the house with Milo, give him a bath, and try and get some food into him that would stay down. Ty was going to go to the store to get medicine and the supplies we needed for the rest of the trip. 

Milo was much happier once he was in the bathtub. He seemed like he was feeling a lot better. So I got him in clean pajamas on the bed we would be sleeping on and he threw up all over the bed! So I cleaned up that mess only to take him into the living room to watch a show and he threw up all over the couch right as Jessica (the woman we were staying with) came home. I felt so embarrassed as she was so nice and helped me clean everything up. Even after all that he got sick again and we finally got the brilliant idea to keep a big bowl by him. Poor kid was very sick :( We were hoping that it was just a one day thing.

The next day it did seem that it was a one day thing! We were headed to the beach and Milo was so excited to go. We had no throw up in the morning and Milo seemed to be eating ok.

Newport Beach is one of our favorite places, we have lots of memories here, so we were excited to share them with Milo. We took Milo to the pier that we always go to and started to play in the sand. 

Milo was not too sure about how the sand felt on his feet...

And he wasn't too sure about how cold the water was...

But then he really started loving playing in all of it!

He was so happy :)

After some time playing just the three of us, we met up with our crew of friends who all came out for the wedding as well. It was a full day of beach shinanigans and Milo loved every minute of it. Even the nice long nap he took in his stroller on the beach.

After we attempted to rinse ourselves off at the public showers with Milo screaming at us, we headed to TK Burger for dinner with the Sorensons and Bass. Milo and Winter were dancing all around the restaurant and refusing to eat dinner :)

The next day Milo still seemed to be doing well. We headed to Fashion Island to meet up with the Sorensons again before going to the temple for the wedding. Unfortunately, Tyler got sick with a serious migraine (come to find out sinus infection) and so he spent the entire time we were at the mall in the car trying to get it to go away before all the festivities.

Koi pond.

Milo and I grabbed lunch at this yummy Lemonade stand place where they had tons of different flavored lemonades. So Good!

Tyler still was feeling miserable, and we almost decided to miss the temple, but he pulled himself together and look at that smiling face :)

The temple was beautiful and the bride and groom were so happy coming out newly married! Chase and Aubree are such an incredible couple and so perfect for each other, it was wonderful being able to take part in their happiness.

After the temple, the boys stayed to get pictures taken and help set up the reception while the women took the babies home for naps. Milo was not one of them :) so me and Milo just hung out at the house to get ready for the night ahead.

The reception was beautiful, taking place in a library garden area right in Newport. There were lots of places to explore for the kiddos and, the favorite of Milo's, was the loud band playing music all night. We could not get the kid away from there because he was a dancing machine!

Milo and Mason were buds on this trip.

We then took a ride up the coast (Milo threw up again, what the heck?!), ate a yummy diner right above the beach, and found ourselves back at the pier ready to ride some bikes. Milo loves bikes so we knew he would have a good time riding in a seat on the back. Having a baby on the back of my bike definitely made me more nervous to ride, especially with how busy the boardwalk can get. There were so many people and so many near death experiences!

We headed home that night for our last stay with Jessica. She was an amazing host and was super accommodating to everything that we needed, especially since we had a sick baby half the time. The next morning we went to a bakery for some yummy doughnuts and smoothies before heading to that airport and going home. Despite some of the bad times, our trip was filled with so many amazing times and we loved being able to spend time with friends and each other as a family.

Tyler was so tough the entire time, what with having a sinus infection. He really kept positive and upbeat during all the activities even though I know he was in pain. And Milo continued to throw up even the next day we were home, poor little guy. Who knows what really caused the illness, but he recovered quickly after being home.