Tuesday, October 27, 2015

September 2015

There are always random photos that I take throughout the month that I never want to lose. So I want to have them in this blog and just do a random, little post.

One night I was spying on Ty comforting Milo back to sleep, sweetest thing ever :)

We went on a family hike to Albion Basin and, I'm not usually one to love hiking, but this was a great time together and everything was so beautiful.

I love my little buddy SO much.

We were excited to grow pumpkins this year and were lucky enough to get one. It grew to be pretty good size!

Milo playing at Nan's house. He loves being there and is always so happy around her.

Milo has a night time routine of watching Mater's Tall Tales on Netflix before bed, reading books like Pout Pout Fish, Little Owl Lost, and Elmo Boo Boo, and then he requests us to sing Happy Birthday to him before laying him in bed. Every single night :)

Tyler went out of town on a camping trip, so Milo, Nana, and I went to Discovery Gateway. Milo was so happy, squealing from one station to the next. He didn't even know where to begin or end, there was just so much that he wanted to do!

Playing in the ball pit.

Splashing around at the water table.

Riding tractors and stacking blocks

Filling cars up with gas.
It definitely was a highlight and something we want to do with him again.

One day Winter was coming over for a play date and Milo wanted to paint her a picture.

These two always play together so well. They were playing peek a boo on the couch with pillows and hugging each other.

Ty took Milo on a hike and, while they were out, Milo fell right to sleep in the backpack.

Nana got Milo some Hunter Boots, so naturally we had to take a GQ photo :)

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