Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Milo's 9th month

Well there is my baby who is not acting so baby like anymore :( He has hit milestones like crazy this month and I am having a hard time keeping up with him! The good thing about this growing baby of ours is that, the more he can learn to do new stuff, the more fun he gets to be and we love it!

The most notorious milestones that Milo hit this month were first, learning to get from laying down to sitting up on his own (this made it really hard for him to settle down at nights), CRAWLING and pulling himself up onto furniture and walking around. Holy cow kid, slow down! Milo crawls all over the place and is even already experimenting with stairs. I cannot leave him for a second. It took him a couple days to figure out how to pull himself up onto furniture, but once he got it figured out, we can't stop him and he will walk along it and then crawl to get to wherever he wants to go. I think the most crazy thing for me with his crawling is that he can just leave a room without me now and not even look back!

Before I go through everything that our bubs can do now, I want to just go through the pictures we have taken of him throughout the month so we can see what he has been up to. 

Milo got to go to Craft Lake City where he didn't really like being in the stroller much but definitely liked putting his water bottle on his head.

Just chillaxin' on the bed, being a toy hoarder as usual :)

This was probably the saddest part of the whole month, little did I know it would just prepare me for what was to come. Milo and I were at the pool with Haley and Winter and we were chatting on the lounge chairs. I was sitting with Milo, went to get his pool floaty and, within the few seconds that I got up to grab it, Milo lost his toy over the side of the chair, went to grab it, and fell on his face :( Oh my goodness I felt like the worst mom in the whole entire world and cried with him. Look at that sad sad face :( Lucky for us, he was just fine and healed over the next couple days. Now my goal is just to keep this kid from only bonking his head once a day because I can't keep up with him and he is EVERYWHERE.

Milo has always loved books, but now he likes to look at them all himself and turn the pages all himself. I have even watched him play peek a boo with some of the pictures in his books. So dang cute!

Still sucking those two fingers...

There was much drama at our house for a few days and seeing this face was not uncommon. But, surprise, Milo had a tooth coming in! We saw it pop through on August 29.

Milo loves climbing into Nana's craft bag and pulling out anything that he can find in there.
He also loves to pull all the books out of the bookcase. I am constantly picking up after this kid!

Even though Milo is all over the place now, he has definitely started cuddling more and we love it! He is also giving kisses, though these are few and far between. Consider yourself very lucky if you ever get one :)

I just about died over these overalls that my mom got for Milo. I love them! Ty really likes to make fun of them and Milo really hated having to crawl in them. Bummer...

Winter is Milo's favorite person to have play dates with :)

His favorite thing at the park is the swing, especially when dad takes him. The first time Ty pushed Milo on the swing I about had a heart attack! He was pushing him so high, but Milo was squeeling and cackling and loved every minute of it!

Being almost 9 months old means that you get to experiment with some more foods than just fruit and veggie purees.
He loved my morning fruit and veggie smoothie. My smoothie making got put on hold for awhile, though, because one morning I was holding Milo while making it and he decided to reach out and grab the blender and pull it on to the floor. Since it was glass it shattered everywhere and made a HUGE mess. This was probably the start of many!

but he especially loved some yummy spaghetti.

With all these new foods comes lots of different textures and flavors, which makes little Milo very skeptical. He will not let us put a bite in his mouth unless he has taken a good look at the food, touched it with his finger or mouth, and decided that it is safe to proceed.

Not only is he skeptical about foods, but he is also leery of touching certain toys, particularly the ones that have brushes on the end. We have a bath frog toy that has a brush on part of it and, every time he touches the brush part, it gives him the heebie jeebies. He makes the funniest face and puts it down.

A newfound favorite toy is the doorstoppers. He can find every single one in the house and will play with them until they come off the door. This particular one below is a favorite of his and he will play with it whenever I am crafting. Just glad he can entertain himself for a minute!

Probably my most favorite day of this month was taking Milo to the zoo, just me and him. Yes I am one of those moms who takes her baby to the zoo :) I look at it as a nice walk and Milo actually really likes looking at the animals. He was just feet away from this bear! Milo was grinning from ear to ear at it and I hoped the bear would grin back, but it got up from its spot and turned around and plunked back down with his behind to us. Wishful thinking I guess!

Milo's favorite part of the zoo, though, is the train. Oh my goodness, he gets SO excited and jumps up and down and screams. The only time he stops jumping and making noises is when we go through the tunnel.

Nana has a big boy car seat for Milo in her car so he got to ride in it for the first time this month. He loved it, especially all the space! We have yet to move him out of the infant car seat in our car, but we need to get on that because he is outgrowing it fast!

Just figuring out what the refrigerator tastes like

This face! Milo has discovered his tongue and loves to make this "O" face and stick his tongue out. It kills me every single time and he does it ALL the time. Good thing, because I cannot get enough. He looks like a little elf.

He looks like such a big boy here. This was taken before the legs came out from under the table and he went crashing down. It was a good thing he didn't get hurt because it made me laugh out loud with how funny it was.

Just doing a little reverting to his younger years and trying to tell dad that he doesn't want him to put his chair away.

Probably another favorite day this month was taking Milo to the pool where he went crazy walking around in the shallow water in his floaty. He was loving it and all I had to do was watch him just walk and bounce around. Yes he is screaming in this picture, but they are screams of happiness :)

Playing with cotton balls.

First Utah football game. He loved it, mostly because he got lots of snacks.

Milo is still our regular little chatterbox. He can now say mama, which is the best except that he only says it when he is mad or sad. He says dada when he is happy, of course :) He says baby all the time but not in context and he likes to make this "puh" sound. He still enjoys spitting but has added his new talent of growling. We have no idea where the growling came from, but it is the most hilarious thing ever.

Now that Milo can crawl, the kid loves to wrestle! We will put him on our bed and he will come sneaking up behind us and crawl up our backs and think that he is the most hilarious baby ever. This can go on for half an hour and he thinks it's hilarious every time.

We are loving watching this little man of ours grow up. He is the best thing that has ever happened to us and we are so lucky that he is ours.

Trip to Colorado

The one good thing about the Chrastils moving to Colorado was that they gifted us for our birthdays plane tickets to visit them! Having the trip planned soon after they moved made it not so hard when they left so we are so grateful to them for letting us come visit.

I was super nervous about taking Milo on the plane, even though the flight was only a little over an hour. Ty and I had geared up all day for it, making Milo skip a nap and planning to feed him dinner at the airport right before takeoff so he wouldn't be hungry. Little did we know that feeding him dinner would be an adventure in and of itself! Milo was sitting on my lap and Ty started to feed him his food from a pouch. Milo liked the food, but decided it would be funny to spit it everywhere. It got all over Ty, some got on me, and we're thinking that some got on the guy sitting next to Ty...  (woops). Luckily, the lady sitting next to me thought it was the most hilarious thing, which got us to laugh about it and forget that we had spit and food all over ourselves.

Anyways, for Milo's first flight ever he surprised us! He loved checking everything out on the plane and was just so excited the whole time. I hoped he would fall asleep, but he stayed awake and chatted and squealed the whole ride, which I was ok with, as long as he wasn't crying. The hard part was when we got to Colorado and had to travel a ways to get to our rental car and then had to wait in line for the car for almost an hour. At this point it was 2 hours past Milo's bedtime and he had had it- so had mama! So we were very glad to get to the Chrastil's home that night.

The next day we dropped Owen off at school and took Elle and Milo downtown to check out a farmers market. We bought all the food that we needed for dinner that night at the market. Elle particularly liked picking out the veggies and found us a purple bell pepper. I have missed having that little girl as my shopping partner.

The day after that, Owen didn't have school so we piled everyone in the car and headed to the Science Museum downtown. As Owen described it, "It was a loong day," but the museum was pretty darn awesome. There was a whole space section...
Gems and stones section...
and animal section. Plus loads more.
The person that made the day seem so long was this little one :)
He was tired, cranky, and really enjoyed spitting his food all over his face. Then Elle got a really upset tummy and her feet were hurting her. So I took Milo and Elle to the car and drove around til they both fell asleep and then waited for Ty and Owen to finish the tour of the museum. The day was so crazy and exhausting that we whispered the whole way home even though everyone was awake :) remind me how people have more than one child?

Day number 4 was super sunshiney in the morning so we went to the pool and got to hang out for a little bit with Owen and Elle's new nanny too.
After the pool we wanted to check out a big park that was downtown, so we piled everyone in and headed there. As we were driving, we noticed that a storm was coming in and hoped that it would blow over us. But, as we pulled into the park parking lot, instant downpour came! We thought to wait in the car, hoping that it would pass over quickly, and took some selfies :) When the storm didn't pass quickly, we took a little gander out in the rain for a bit.

That night, Julie came to stay too and everyone was so glad that she was there!

We had a busy day planned the next day. We headed to breakfast at the most delicious place (can't remember the name) and I got the yummiest pancakes I have ever had! Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes= amazing.

Then we headed to the Denver Zoo.
The zoo was pretty amazing. We got to watch the Elephant show..
and the Seal Show where Milo was a dancing fool :)

We all came home super tired and ready for some snuggle time and Princess Bride. It was the perfect end to a wonderful trip! We were so sad to leave the Chrastils, but it helps knowing where they are and that it is a good place for them.