Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Life As A Pregnant Woman

Well it is 7 am on a Saturday morning-my one day to sleep in a little. I have been awake since 6:15 due to one of my regular massive leg cramps I get in the night. Milo has also started one of his rib kicking dance parties that make me jump out of my seat everytime he gives them a big ole wack. So, do you think this is going to be a post about how much I hate being pregnant?
It's not- I actually am loving it! Watching my stomach grow as the little miracle inside of me is getting bigger and bigger has been one of the most amazing things. 
What started out as little flicks inside my stomach that made me nauseous have now turned into big kicks and rolls that I can watch from the outside! It is daily entertainment for me. I love feeling my stomach and finding a big bulge poking out that could be feet or a head (I can never tell which body part he is stickin out). 
I also love guessing at little Milo's personality. He is either a mischievous little stinker like his daddy or shy like his momma. Everytime he is moving around and I try and get anyone to feel him he will immediately stop and hide from them! It could be this little game he likes playing or he gets stage fright :) there was one night when Ty was gone and milo was moving around so much more than he ever had before. I tried to film it for Ty to see but, the second I turned the camera on, he stopped moving! I was basically just filming myself breathe... Lame! Me and Ty cannot wait til he comes to find out more about his personality. 
Watching two of the best little kids for my job has also been so fun for me and milo. He is constantly getting hugs from Owen ( I no longer get hugs anymore-they're all for milo:) ) and Elle likes to give him a little push to see if she can get him moving or play music right on my belly for him. They're the sweetest and I know that when he is born they will be the best little helpers in taking care of milo!
So for now, I am completely content keeping this little guy in here. We have got 11 more weeks to go and I can hardly believe how fast the time is going. I know I am pretty much one of the luckiest pregnant ladies out there because I am dealing with so little. But I have heard that an easy pregnancy makes for a hard baby so we shall see if that rings true for us! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

State Fair and Randy and Jo's Wedding!

We love it when somebody in the family gets married! Not only because it is an exciting event for the couple, but also because all of our family comes into town. Lindsey was able to be here with Aspen and Brooklyn. We decided to all get together and go to the state fair. Tyler and I were lucky to have Owen and Elle with us too.

We had seven kids all under the age of five. Even though there were eight adults, we couldn't seem to keep everyone together!

The kids were pretty tired after the night was over :)
Then the next day was the main event! Randy and Jo's wedding was so beautiful and perfect.

It started raining right as the ceremony began but I think everyone enjoyed that weather more, especially Aspen :)
It was hard to get a picture of everyone paying attention but here is the Higginson clan!
Linda gave such an awesome speech about Randy during the reception.
The cute couple cutting the cake. It was probably the best cake smash I have ever seen! We are so happy for Randy and Jo and so glad that we can now officially say Jo is apart of our family.

We Went to San Francisco

About a week and a half before Labor Day my mom, sister, Ty and I decided that it would be fun to take a weekend trip to San Fran! I am so glad that we went, we got away at a much needed time. These are some of the highlights:

Boat ride to Angel Island and Alcatraz

Taking the audio tour at Alcatraz

Staying in a sweet hotel by Union Square. The hallways were a little creepy with their red lights.
Walking around Pier 39
Getting makeovers at Maceys
Going to Muir Woods (Ty and I discovered this beautiful place the first time we came to San Fran together)

There was an owl hanging out on our walk through the woods
Monterey Aquarium was amazing. This octopus was swimming all over the place, I have never seen one so active!
Going to the beach at Cannery Row in Monterey. Ty got to do some skim boarding here.

While Ty was skim boarding, my mom and I decided to walk up the pier. We were surprised to find about 100 sea lions hanging out on these rocks. There was a gate dividing us but, if I had had the desire, I could have reached through and pet one! They weren't very nice though and I was worried they might bite my hand off!

This was such a fun trip and I was sad to leave. It was nice to get one last little trip in before our baby Milo comes!