Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holly and Rosemary's Shower for Milo

Holly Hyde and Rosemary Mead threw Milo and I the absolute cutest shower the other weekend. It was delicious food and fun company!

They had a theme of bow ties and I think everyone caught on to it because all of those we got for Milo will make him look so dapper :) I LOVE these onesies that Holly made for Milo.

Thank you Holly and Rosemary so much for putting this together for us!!! We are so grateful for them and everyone who came to support us. This was our last shower before Milo gets here and we feel so blessed by everyone who has been there to help us out at being first parents. We are truly lucky!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we took on the endeavor of hosting thanksgiving at our house! We invited both sides of our families over and that made it so much fun to make a big party out of it. We loved having both of our families together and not having to split it this year!

Everyone thought we were crazy to host thanksgiving when my due date is just two weeks away but little did you all know that my husband is amazing and pretty much did everything. He took care of the house, cleaned it spotless, cooked the turkey and the stuffing, got all the food assignments out, and then cleaned up after the party! I basically just sat back and watched :) I am one lucky gal! 
Ty was really stressed about cooking his first turkey, but he did an amazing job! Best turkey I ever had! And we are so lucky to have such talented family who all made delicious food to bring over. It was such a yummy dinner, milo was spoiled right along with me.
After dinner we had some holiday entertainment given by all the Higginson brothers and their accordions. It was like a circus putting all of them together to get a picture, but they sure look good!
Then we played some games and I went with some of the girls in my family to do some early Black Friday shopping. Judge all you want but what better way to bond with my family than pushing through crowds to get the best deals ;) just kidding, but honestly it really was fun for us to do a little shopping! 
That brought the close to our thanksgiving but I would like to finish here by saying a few things that I am grateful for. When I think about what im grateful for it's always the people in my life that come to mind first. I know it's because I am so blessed with such amazing family and friends. I love the family that I was born and raised in and I'm lucky to have such an amazing second family that I married into! Both families have done so much for us and we are truly lucky. 
I'm also so grateful for my nanny family that has done so much for me and been so supportive of our little guy coming and letting me bring him to work with me. 
I'm grateful for the good friends that Tyler and I have and I'm so happy that all of our families are growing together and can't wait for our kids to be friends too. 
And finally I'm grateful for my two boys. Even though milo isn't here yet, I know that he will be such a special boy to me and will change my life for the better. And I can't wait to see Tyler, who has been the best husband for me, be the best dad for milo. Milo- we can't wait for you to get here so feel free to get here anytime! We love you!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Milo's Nursery

Milo's nursery is finally done! We have been waiting for months for our rocking chair, so when it finally got here we were able to take pictures. Tyler has put his heart and soul into this room. He painted the walls, did the bead board around the bottom of the walls, put together all the furniture, and organized all of our baby stuff. It is the best looking room in our house and I can't wait to bring baby boy home to it.
The pictures are turning out a little fuzzy for some reason so hopefully you all get the gist of it!

As far as Milo goes, we are 2.5 weeks away from our due date! It does not seem real and he seems super comfortable hanging out inside of me right now so I don't expect him to come any time soon, but we shall see! 
He seems to stay in the same position all the time. Head down, butt sticking out to my left and knees sticking out to my right. He loves getting his little feet massaged by Tyler. He will stick them out and Ty will rub them and he is perfectly content staying there for awhile. It's the cutest thing.
The last thing on our list is to pack our hospital bags and then we will just be waiting for our little guy to decide he wants to come! We can't wait!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy 3 Years!

Our anniversary was a little different this year. We typically find ourselves staying up in a hotel in Park City around this time, but money and school would not permit that for us! We were both fine with this because we were able to do lots of fun things right at home. Ty was having a late meeting for school on the actual day of our anniversary so the Saturday before we headed up to Station Park in Farmington. We did a little shopping, ate dinner at Johnny Rockets, and went and saw the movie Gravity. Such a great time! But we couldn't end our festivities there, we did some more celebrating the day after our anniversary! We carved pumpkins, made the first substantial dinner we have had since I got pregnant (and it turned out to be delicious!), and played some Sorry! I'd say we did pretty good for a stay at home anniversary celebration :)

As I look back on this past year of marriage that I have had with Tyler, we have come upon two firsts in our lives together. We bought our first house and got pregnant with our first child. Those are HUGE life changing events and we got them both in one year! We have definitely been blessed and I am so lucky to experience these life changing events with Ty. I would not pick anyone else!
I often think about how Tyler must feel about this past year being married to me and I almost feel bad for the poor guy. With a new house comes lots of responsibility and Tyler has taken on mostly all of it. Not only has he had to do everything for our house but also be a support to his crazy pregnant wife. Then his crazy pregnant wife gets an idea to start a small side business and he has to help her out with all of that all the time! I just don't know how he has kept his head above water, but I hope that he knows how grateful I really am for him and all that he does for me. He has taught me so much this year and my love and admiration for him has only grown. 
I can't wait for all that will come in our lives during this next year of marriage!

Baby Shower Given by Mckenzie

My awesome sister in law, Mckenzie, offered to throw me my second baby shower for Milo and it was such a cute shower! She had baby boy blue everywhere and lots of fun games for everyone to play. All of these pictures are from my mom who took random shots of almost everyone who was there.

Elle was my little helper with opening the presents. I could not have done it without her!

I felt so blessed by everyone that came and we got tons of things that we needed for Milo. After this shower I felt like we were pretty much set! I'm so grateful for all of my close family and friends who were able to make it to the shower and support our little family! And I have the best sister in law to throw this shower for me.