Thursday, May 28, 2015

Milo at 18 months

Soo.... this kid is hilarious and this picture makes me kind of see why people always think he is a girl :)
There are so many things that Milo is doing now that I want to remember forever. So this is all about Milo's obsessions because when this kid likes something, he holds onto it and won't stop talking about it. Did I say talking? Yes!! This kid has over 100 words in his vocabulary and is probably the smartest 18 month old in the world, right? 

-Music. He is constantly say "sic" and bouncing his arm up and down because he wants us to turn on music on the ipad or record player. His favorite song right now is Happy by Pharell Williams.

-Vacuums, vacuums, and more vacuums. He constantly wants to play with the vacuum. To the point of driving me crazy! And he can even say vacuum, which makes it hard to ignore that he wants to play with the vacuum.

-Bugs. Bugs are everywhere and Milo is sure to spot them and yell "Bug!" 

-Hot. Everything is hot, even if it's actually cold. Milo will turn on our electronic fireplace every morning and say "hot!". Whenever we cook dinner he says, "hot!". The air conditioning will turn on and blow cold air and Milo will say "hot!". I try and tell him, "No, not hot." and Milo will say "hot, hot!" :)

-"Side". This is Milo's word for outside and lately has been followed by "rain" since that's the only weather we have had for the past couple weeks. But Milo loves to be outside and is happiest running free.

-Elmo. I've never really been in to Sesame Street but whenever we would go to Lu's house Milo would always play with Talking Elmo. Then he started saying the word Elmo. Then we went to the store and he saw a stuffed animal Elmo. The rest is history. Elmo is in bed with Milo all the time now.

-Water. Whenever he sees water he shouts out "water!" and says the word over and over again. We are also having a little battle between "water" and "juice". Milo loves his juice.

And that's Milo in just a few of his obsessions :) Sure love our bug.

Milo Madness

Whenever I don't blog for a really long time, I go back through all of the photos I've taken and realize that there are so many random ones I want saved in to our blog book and so I have to just make a random post filled with a million pictures! So here we go.

Milo has started a new thing where he doesn't want me to sit in the chair with him while we read stories before bed. We will start out with him sitting in my lap, but then he will hop off and pull on my arm to get out... Now I sit on the ottoman :)

Milo and Lola hanging out on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Their relationship is still a little strained.
Milo finally got his first haircut!! It was a whole family affair.

No more baby mullet!
Milo loves to look through his scrapbook and point at all the different people so that I will tell him who they are.

He also discovered dad's National Geographic magazines and likes to sit in his chair and look at the pictures.
Chalk has become a favorite pass time.
I took him for his first bike ride in the trailer. He seemed to enjoy it until he tipped over in the seat and couldn't get back up...woops!

First time discovering a ladybug. Now every small thing that is on the ground or his arm is called, "bug!"

One day we spent the day at City Creek with Nana and Uncle David. Most of that time was spend splashing in the fountains!

Milo has also become my best cleaning buddy. The duster and a spray bottle are always in hand.
One night when we were coming home around 6:00, Milo fell asleep and would not wake up! We tried everything, including getting him naked and placing him on the floor in the living room only to have him roll over and stay completely asleep. Tired boy!
We finally took some time to hit up Red Butte Gardens and it did not disappoint. Milo's favorite part was the children's garden where they had stepping stones over a pond, a massive sand pit, a tiny house covered in vines, and a massive caterpillar maze to run through.

We finally have made huge strides and Milo will actually take good naps now, hallelujah!! The compromise is that he sleeps for an hour in his bed and then, when he wakes up, he can come sleep in our bed for another hour. I don't mind it when I'm getting awesome cuddles like this now :)
See this devious face? I love this about my kid, he always is thinking of some trouble to cause, he gets it from dad.
Tyler's advisor at school was super generous and gave us tickets to go see the Utah Symphony play Peter Pan for kids. Any age can go, even babies, so I was pretty excited to take Milo especially since he LOVES music.
Little more of his devious face :)
Smith's Marketplace has all of their swings out for sale so, of course, Milo and Nana have to go swing on it every time we go there.
Cuddlefest with Bennett and Lu Lu.
Milo and Lu have become such amazing friends. It has been one of my favorite things to watch them learn to play with each other and share and I consider Lu to be one of Milo's first best friends and it makes my heart happy.
Once again, loving having a video monitor to see these funny sleeping positions.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Easter 2015

This was one of the best Easters yet! Unfortunately, Ty was out of town for most of the weekend for a school trip, but he did make it back in time for Easter day.

We started by making some spring sugar cookies and I took them outside so that Milo could sprinkle them himself. He LOVED it!

On Friday we went to an Easter Egg Hunt in our neighborhood. We were supposed to bring 10 eggs, hide them, and then find 10 eggs. Well, we came with 10 and left with 1... some lucky kids got more than 10 eggs! It was kind of disappointing but luckily Milo is at the age where he doesn't care!
Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to go to Grandma Linda's neighborhood egg hunt. This one was way better! They had an entire park divided up into sections for the different age groups to find their own eggs. Milo was with the one and two year olds.
He definitely got a lot more eggs this time and loved putting the eggs in his basket!

He LOADED up on candy and it wasn't even 10:00...

After the egg hunt we went and visited the Easter Bunny.
Sunday morning Milo woke up to an Easter basket filled with bubbles, chalk, an eye spy bag (made by yours truly), a Llama Llama book (his favorite), and salt water sandals. He also woke up to daddy being home and was so happy!

We had breakfast at a diner with Linda and Kip and then came home to prepare for the Edgar and Oder families to come over. The weather was so nice we were able to eat outside and Milo got to play with his new sand bucket stuff given to him by Nana.

It was a very long day that only allowed Milo to have a half hour nap. He was down for the count at 6:30 having fallen asleep in the stroller on a walk, and didn't even wake up while we changed him into his pjs.
It was such a busy weekend, but I loved every minute of it and loved watching Milo have so much fun with all of the different things we did. I was especially grateful for all of our family and for all the time we got to spend with them, it made the weekend even more wonderful!

First Dentist Appointment

Milo got to go to his one year old dentist appointment! They basically just want to make sure his teeth are coming in ok and are strong, especially since he likes to suck on his two middle fingers.
He absolutely did not like them checking his teeth...
He hated it so much that he didn't even want to pick out a toy at the end, poor kid.

It was a really short visit, which is a good thing, because Milo passed with flying colors :) Now we just need to work on getting him to quit sucking those fingers!