Monday, September 26, 2011

Circus Circus

 So Tyler finally convinced me to go golfing with him, took him about 5 months but I did it! He is getting super duper good at golfing, especially for just starting this year. Check out his form!

 And here is mine... you can definitely tell who the better golfer is! :)

 Then SURPRISE! Tyler got free tickets to the circus from his work!!! I was very excited for it. This year's performance definitely beat the other year I had come to the circus. We were way impressed with all the cool tricks the people could do.
 Tyler was the most excited :)
 The elephants were my favorite. They're so cute holding each others' tails with their trunks!

 We were lucky to have our besties Breanne and Chace come with us too.
Side note: Last week I went to a dance audition and made call backs!! Woot woot! Only thing is, the same day of the audition I got asked to teach dance to the preschoolers again and I LOVE that job, it's so fun. So now I'm in a predicament of which to choose. Both call backs and preschool dance class is this Wednesday.... which one which one?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Racquet-Dodge Ball!

Ever have those times with your hubby where you go and do something totally random and it is just hilarious? Ty and I had one of those moments last night. We just got new gym passes and so have been wanting to go together and do some awesome workouts. Well do you think we did an awesome workout the first time we go to the gym in months? Heavens no!

We decided to get some racquetball game on! My family had the racquets so we went to my house to get them. I assumed that Tyler knew how to play the game since he was the one who suggested playing it in the first place. And I guess Tyler assumed that I knew how to play since I owned some racquets. Boy, were we wrong! We show up, get our racquets out, turn to the other, and say, "Ok! How do we play?!" Yup... neither of us knew what in the heck we were doing!

This ended up working out for us though and we did happen to get a good workout in. We made up our own game of racquet-dodgeball! We had two balls going at once and, just like dodgeball, tried to hit each other with them. I have not laughed so hard in a long time and, of course, was the one getting hit the most and running for my life in that tiny court while Tyler is smacking the balls at me. Such good marital bonding time :) Good way to relieve anger at each other don't ya think?! ;)

Monday, September 19, 2011

"You is kind, you is smart, you is important"

 First of all, Tyler took me to see 'The Help' this weekend. Oh my, I LOVED it and Ty did too (which was a miracle). I've been trying to hurry up and finish reading the book so that I could see the movie. Finally finishing it, we were able to go see it. Talk about inspiring and uplifting. One of my parts involves the quote that is the title of this blog.

These are some of the crafts I made with the girls this weekend. I can't wait to get my house all decorated for Halloween, I have lots of fun ideas! This spider here is going to end up on my door.
 This HARVEST word I think I'm going to keep up all 3 months of fall, I just love it too much!
 For our last weekend event, we made it up to the Oktoberfest. Never been before and wasn't quite sure what to expect but it turned out to be pretty fun and I got a cool ring! Mckenzie and Dave came up with us, here's their stylish pic.
 And here's ours.... Can Tyler's face be any more perfect :)
 The cool part about Oktoberfest is being able to try the German food like bratwurst on a pretzel (that was super yummy). There were lots of other foods to try but none of them sounded that appealing to me...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

State Fair and Butterfingers :)

This last weekend Tyler and I went to the State Fair with Dustin and his girlfriend, Joy, and Kippie. Here's the wonderful group about to go on the Ferris Wheel.

 Not gonna lie, the Ferris Wheel was a little disorienting and my stomach plummeted, but I got it under control (NOT with the help of Tyler who was standing up and rocking our seat back and forth!).
 We got to watch the Sea Lion show which is my favorite!!!! They are adorable and do the coolest tricks.
 Tyler with his ginormous horchata drink, can't go to a fair without getting one of those!
 Brothers being weird...
 Only half of the huge slide we went down, that I did not scream on :)
 I didn't get pictures of it, but we also got to watch the hypnotist at the fair. Oh my goodness can I just say, HILARIOUS. People will do the craziest things when they are hypnotized, even thinking that they won the lottery :)

Now to the Butterfingers part of our story. Tyler and I take pride in the delicious milkshakes we make almost every other night. This weekend we made butterfinger-carmel milkshakes and we loved them! Milkshake making is a good time for us to have fun together and experiment making yummy stuff but usually how the milkshake process goes is I have all the fun putting the ingredients in and blending them and then Tyler gets to clean up my mess... what a sweetheart he is!
 They were so yummy!

 I was able to go to the fair a second time with these two little cuties. They were getting ready to watch the sea lion show that Owen thought was hilarious. Elle liked them for about the first five minutes :)
 Owen was happy being able to pick whichever ride he wanted to go on and Elle absolutely loved the cows and kept saying moo over and over again. All in all, it was a good day for us at the fair, the kids were amazing, but we were definitely tired by the end of it!
P.S. got this little gem of a picture a couple days ago. This is Elle's bear, Babs. He goes EVERYWHERE with her, even in the laundry basket with her. Best of friends :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Three Day Weekend

Tyler and I were lucky to have an almost 5 day weekend, this never happens!! Thursday, Tyler got out of school early and I got out of work early so we got a long night together, yippee! Then Friday was an awesome day because Kip came home from his mission! I've never met Kip before, so it was fun to get to know him and spend time with him. Tyler had the day off and I was able to bring Owen and Elle with me and spend time with the family. It's been fun adding another brother to the mix!

Saturday came and all I did was craft, craft, and craft. I love it. My mom and I splurged and bought a million things for Halloween and Thanksgiving from the Wood Connection, which is a store that sells wood decorations for you to paint and glue together (check it out). I am so excited and love making my own decorations for my house. I will post pictures later of some of the things that we've made. We also did a little shopping at Nordstroms and found me these!

I am in love with them:)

On Saturday, I also had the opportunity to attend a baptism of one of the girls in my primary class. She had asked Tyler to speak at her baptism, but he unfortunately had to work, so I was his poor replacement... I do not do well speaking in front of people. But I did it, and Alexa was so happy to be getting baptized and so eager to learn and keep her covenants. Throughout my whole talk, she just sat there listening to every word that I said like she really cared to learn about the Holy Ghost and the promises she was making by being baptized. What an example she was to me of how I should be living my life, always wanting to learn and improve myself.

 Sunday was another fun day where we got to spend more time with Kip and the family. Kip is an amazing guy and still carries the spirit of missionary work with him. He's been another huge example to me in remembering the small things that we need to do, particularly always having family prayer.

Monday was a great day for Tyler and I to be together all day doing my favorite thing... shopping :) We went up to Park City with my family and did lots of back to school shopping. It's always a special treat when Tyler and I get to spend a whole day together, what with my work and Tyler doing work AND school we get super busy, I loved every second of it. Yay for the weekend!