Monday, July 29, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

We wanted to get both of our families together to share what gender we are having. Holly was so kind to offer to take pictures of the party for me and I am so glad that she did! It made it so much more fun and she showed off my attempt at being crafty :)

We put out our ultrasound pictures for everyone to see, minus the one that actually showed the gender.

I made lips and mustaches so that everyone could show what gender they thought the baby was.

Our surprise was hidden inside these presents :)

 Such a happy and excited daddy!

Little Poppy, Milo's future wife :)

All of the lovely ladies who thought it was going to be a GIRL

And everyone else who thought it was going to be a BOY

 Getting ready to open our packages...

 All the kids wanted to help us
 The balloons are...

Elle is going to be Milo's second mom and bossy older sister :) She will definitely be helping me take care of him!

Just look at this guy. He is going to be the best dad in the world. I'm so lucky to have married such an amazing person and I hope that Milo turns out to be just like his daddy.

Finding Out the Gender of Our Baby

Finding out the gender of our little guy has given me the most anxiety out of anything! I was so excited but at the same time totally freaked out. Knowing the gender of our baby was going to change my whole way of thinking about this baby coming into our life. And it totally did! 

We scheduled to have the ultrasound on my birthday. The night before I could not sleep and kept having dreams that we couldn't find the doctor's office to get our ultrasound. We were driving all over town and ended up missing out appointment! You better believe the next morning I made sure I knew where I was going. 

About an hour and a half before the appt. Tyler texted me saying that I needed to drink 32 oz. of water before going to get the ultrasound. If I didn't drink that much water they may have to turn me away :S! Ah! I downed more water than I ever have in my life because there is no way I was waiting another day to find out what we were having! TMI warning: this led me to have to pee more than I ever have in my life and I had to wait to use the restroom for a VERY long time....

When we got to our ultrasound I was just so excited to see how our baby was doing. This was the first ultrasound we had gotten. The doctor showed us the heart and the four chambers in it. The spine. The head, particularly the creepy halloween eye picture that we got. The feet and hands (forgot to count the fingers and toes but I think we are ok!). Saw the baby's feet pushing right on my bladder, thank you baby. All in all this was great to see everything and to know that our baby is perfectly healthy, but holy cow I just wanted to get to the gender part! 

He finally asked if we wanted to know what we were having and we practically shouted yes! So he starts moving the thing around for awhile... then he starts pushing against my stomach and we're still not seeing anything... then he says that we may not be able to find out the gender today because our little one has it's legs crossed and the umbilical cord going right between them... WHAT?!!?!?! I was going to have to wait another day?! The doctor kept trying to get the baby to move and it just wasn't budging. He told me to go to the bathroom and while I was there to touch my toes a couple times and hopefully the baby would move so we would be able to see something. 

I came back and I'm pretty sure Tyler was trying not to freak out :) We once again got the thing moving around on my stomach and FINALLY he was able to show us that we are having a little BOY!!!!!! 
Ty about jumped out of his seat he was so excited and I was just thinking, "wait...what? a boy?" Definitely had to start wrapping my mind around it :) Once I got a hang, I was totally excited and still totally am! I could not be happier to have a little buddy to hang out with and a good companion for Tyler to take on all of his adventures with him. 

As of now, we have the name Milo McKay Higginson picked out for our little man. Every time we talk about baby we call him Milo so I'm pretty sure the name will stick. We love it. 

To our little Milo, we cannot wait to meet you and are counting down the days til you come! 20 more weeks to go little guy!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4th of July and Baby Update

I ultimately failed at picture taking for the Fourth of July :( But I will just have to do with what I have! The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays and Tyler and I always pack it FULL. We start on the third by going up to the fireworks at the Eaglewood golf course. I have done this ever since I was little and plan to do it for the years to come with our kids. We always meet up with the Hyde/Mead family, the Chrastil family (so sad they were out of town this year!) and the Edgar family in our same spot every year and pig out on food and visit before the firework show. Holly just had her little baby Poppy a month ago and I got to shnuggle her for a little bit. She is my favorite little baby, I love her! And it helps subside my hunger for my own baby to come and shnuggle.
After the firework show, we head home exhausted only to wake up a few hours later and head to the Millcreek Lions Club Breakfast in Tyler's neighborhood where he grew up. This is the official start of our Fourth! Following the breakfast is the parade where the Higginsons throw poppers at everybody and we either get laughs or people who do not like it one bit.
Then it's time to relax before we head on to whatever other activities we have planned for the day. Usually we go swimming but this year we decided to go to the art festival that was going on in Sugar House. It wasn't very big but still fun to walk around and see everything. I don't know if it's just me being pregnant, but I'm pretty sure the fourth of July was the hottest it has ever been and I felt like I was going to pass out walking around in all that heat. Then when we walked to our spot to watch the fireworks at the park, we weren't able to get a spot in the shade and I thought I was going to die! I am here to say that I survived, barely though.
As always, I love the fireworks at Sugar House even though everyone is pretty much sitting on top of each other. It was mostly crazy this year just thinking that in a year we are going to have a little 6 month old with us to share all of these traditions with. And it will be interesting to see what new traditions come with our little baby.
This is my only picture I got on the fourth of little Saydee in the swing. Such a cutie!

Other events that have happened so far this July are Saydee's blessing day. I meant to get a picture of her too, but I only came away with this gem of Tyler playing with his two nieces who were jumping all over him all day. They LOVE their Uncle Tyler. This is what makes me think Tyler would be such a good dad of a little girl.

Another weekend of this month we got to watch Owen and Elle. They slept at our house for three nights, which is the longest amount of time we have had them sleepover. We took them to their first drive in movie and I think it's easy to tell that they loved it! We also took them up to snowbird and rode on the Tram as well as went down the Alpine Slide.

Some little baby updates that I have for now are:
  • 18 weeks along!
  • I can feel our baby move ALL the time now. I love it because it's reassuring that everything is ok with the baby, but it's also making me worried that we are going to have a rambunctious little squirt that never stops running around! I also realize that I am lucky to feel our baby move around right now. With first pregnancies you usually don't feel your baby move until about 20 weeks, or so I have been told.
  • Tyler got to feel the baby kick or punch or whatever for the first time last night! That was way exciting for me to have him feel what I feel going on inside all the time. Every time the baby would kick hard I would grab Tyler's hand and hope that the baby would do it again so Ty could feel it this time. 
  • And finally.... We get to find out the gender of our baby in two days on my birthday! Best present ever, I cannot wait! 
That is all for now. Until next time with our announcement!