Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tyler's 3 Kings Race and Birthday

Last year Ty did North Salt Lake's Three Kings Race and he did amazing, but this year he killed it! He beat his time and improved so much just in this past year.
Our good friend Jake also did the race with him. 
I'm glad there was a photographer there to take pictures of everyone. These are amazing!
After the race everyone meets up at the park to see their times and who won the awards. 

I'm so proud of my hubby for doing this! It is such an accomplishment and something that I know I will never be able to do :)

Then it was time to celebrate Ty's birthday! I can't believe how old he is at 26 ;) it's crazy to think that he was 21 when we met! 

We started the celebrations off with dinner at Pawits Thai restaurant with a bunch of friends. Half of us were outside with our fussy babies but, I will admit, we were out there most of the time with the fussiest baby :) he struggles majorly with stranger danger at the moment. 

We then had a BBQ with my side of the family and he opened his gifts. 
I failed at buying candles so he got to blow out my bath and body works candle. Keepin' it classy!

On Ty's actual birthday we went up to the solamon center in Ogden and did iFLy and iRock. IFly is the crazy indoor skydiving thing that was surprisingly a blast! I thought I was going to be absutely terrified but I loved every minute of it. Ty had a blast doing it as well and even let a little drool escape while he was flying. I guess maybe he was having too much fun!

Then for his final birthday celebration, we did a joint birthday party with Kippy. They wanted to grill hot dogs up millcreek canyon so that's what we did! The weather was perfect and the company was great. 

I always tease Ty that we have about 5 birthday parties for him every year but I don't mind celebrating this guys life more than once :) happy birthday love!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our First Garden!

One of our dreams with having our own home was to start our very own garden. This has been an adventure to say the least! We went to Wasatch Garden's plant say on a rainy and windy Saturday morning. Milo was all cozied up in his snowsuit (thanks to daddy) and he enjoyed it for about 10 minutes. The rest of the time was spent crying until he fell asleep. Good times :) But we came out with TONS of plants.
Sadly to say, many of them died because it was still too cold and rainy to plant. So we had to start over on a few of them.

Ty built our garden boxes, filled them with our special dirt, and put the bark surrounding our boxes all by himself. I have been quite impressed! This picture is right after we planted all of our plants. I will need to post a picture of our garden now because everything is shooting up!

We started some beans from seed a few weeks after planting and they are already coming up!

And, of course, what is our garden without including Tyler's beloved bees. I think it's safe to say that Milo will be a bee loving kid!

As with anybody's first garden it is a learning experience. Just last night we found some terrible aphids all over 5 out of our 7 boxes. We have had to do our research and hope that we will be able to save our garden that we have worked so hard on! We look forward to the day that we become gardening experts :)

Milo's Sixth Month

Could this boy be any more handsome?! He is getting so big, and it is so fun, but it also makes me a little sad that I am losing my tiny baby. 

This past month has been full of Milo learning new things. Every new stage that he hits, Ty and I just love it and get so excited over the most little things! Milo still makes us laugh every single day and we love our little guy more and more.

Milo's nana has this stuffed seal at her house for him to play with- he LOVES it!

Meet Winter- one of Milo's best friends. They are very good playmates so far, but Winter definitely has to put up with a lot more from our crazy loud man.

I have to soak up these times that Milo snuggles right in my arms. He typically is a wiggle worm and moves around the entire time I hold him so I just love these moments.

Happy First Mother's Day to me! It was the best day and I was so happy that I could spend it with Milo and also our two mothers.

Milo has discovered his toes and loves to chew on them.

We went to the new aquarium! It was a blast and Milo was enthralled with everything! He especially  loved looking at all the sharks in the shark tunnel. I could hardly even get him to look at me when I wanted a picture.

Seeing all those fish wears a little guy out!
This smile just melts my heart :)
Milo has perfected his rolling around skills. So much so that I will lose him under beds, ottomans, chairs, you name it. Luckily he is small enough that he doesn't hit his head on these things!

This was the start to our weekend getaway with Owen, Elle, Hillary, and my mom. We headed up to park city to spend the night swimming and then do some shopping the next day.
Owen loves to hold Milo.
And Milo loves holding Elle's hand :) I always tell Elle that they can get married but she's not so sure that she wants me to be her mother in law. I don't know why ;)
The weekend was a success even though Milo went to bed at 7 and we had to whisper the rest of the night- it made for some good times!

Also that weekend we were able to celebrate Grandpa Higginson's 90th birthday! Grandpa was smitten with Milo and kept talking about the cute baby and wanted to hold him. Here's four generations of Higginson men.
Tyler is ecstatic that Milo is finally big enough to fit in his hiking backpack. Milo seemed pretty excited too.
Milo is our little gentleman. He loves having his little leggies crossed and it is just about the cutest thing!
Being with two older kids all day makes it so that we spend a lot of time at the park now that it's summer. Milo was quick to learn how to sit in a swing and he loves it! He will talk and coo the whole time we are at the park and he loves watching the kids play.
Watch out for my finger in this one! But I had to capture this moment. This particular bird on Milo's exersaucer has been taunting him for about 2 months now. We are proud to say that now he is big enough to reach it's beak with his mouth :)
This is how I found Milo after our 20 minute ride home from work. Somebody was busy playing with his car seat cover and he is looking a little guilty that he got caught doing it!
This smirk is something new that he has started doing. I am in love and he just looks so handsome!
This is also another thing that Milo likes to do with his mouth. Blowing and spitting :)
One day we traveled all the way up to Fruit Heights to play at a castle park. It was well worth the trip- this park is amazing!
Milo's first time swimming was actually at the hotel we stayed at for our weekend getaway in Park City. The water was cold there and he was not too thrilled with it. So we tried again at our outdoor neighborhood pool and, as you can tell, he had so much fun!
It probably helped that his buddy Winter was there too.

At Milo's dr. appointment we found out that at 6 months he weighs 15.7 pounds and is 25.5'' long. This puts him in the 25th percentile for both height and weight which totally shocked me because this kid is constantly eating and has the chunkiest legs around. What I wasn't so shocked at was that his head size is in the 5th percentile.... I tell his dr. that it runs in the family.

Well I think that just about covers everything! Now we are on to the next month and I can't wait to see what new things Milo learns. Being a mom has been such a fun adventure for me and everyday I feel so blessed to have this little buddy with me all the time. He brings me so much joy even on the hard days. My heart is full for our little family :)