Tuesday, July 26, 2011

24th of July Celebrations

First of all, I need to be a better photographer! I got pretty much zero pictures of this weekend though it was a blast! Tyler and I got to do tons of fun things!

First of all, Friday I took my kiddos to the Bountiful Handcart days fair. It was so fun and everyone loved it! Well... almost everyone.
Here is Elle. She LOVES swings but these particular ones were a little different. They're kind of like the ginormous swing thing at Lagoon where they're all attached to a machine that spins around and you feel like you're flying, but this one was small and more for little kids.
 Notice the terrified look on her face?? Ya, this did not go over well. Crying as she spun around and crying even louder every time she saw me as she came around. I think we have traumatized her for life!
 She ended up loving going down this slide though, I think it made her day a little better! And of course getting a snocone after. Comfort foods always work :)

Owen also went down this slide about 20 times, it was his favorite.

After I got off watching the kids, I went and did some extra birthday shopping for me (got a super cute purse!) and did some much needed grocery shopping. Then Tyler came home and we watched some Prison Break (of course) and then went to my aunts to go watch the Bountiful Fireworks! They were amazing this year and super long, we loved it!

Saturday came and Tyler didn't have to work! YAY! This never happens! So we volunteered to work at the fair with our ward and were in charge of making the scones. There was a choice to wear a baseball hat or a hair net.... I chose the hat, haven't warn one of those for about 5 years. Tyler barely recognized me! It was way fun helping to make the scones and doing some service is always nice. The scones must have been pretty tasty because there was a super long line the entire time we were there. Either that, or we were pretty slow at making them...

When we were done volunteering we headed straight to the Beech Family Reunion (Tyler's grandma's side of the family). It was a pretty big event consisting of eating food, having an auction, eating more food, playing water volleyball, pouring buckets on each other (well... the guys getting the girls with buckets), drying off, getting soaked again, making sure all the girls had been soaked, watching my nephew pee in the kiddy pool :) love him, eating more food, and finally getting soaked again. It was fun and great for me to be able to spend more time with extended family. I love how fun they all have together! We were super tired after our busy day, so came home and watched more Prison Break. We really need to finish this show so we're not spending all our time watching it!

Sunday came with wonderful church and then hangin out at home just the two of us. Around 10 o'clock p.m. we decided to drive out to my mother-in-laws to watch their awesome firework show. I practically rolled out of bed when we decided to go, face already washed and in my pjs (I'm obviously not the stay out late kinda person!) We were there til about midnight and came home to wake up 5 hours later for work. Wouldn't have changed a thing! The fireworks and family were so fun!

Monday, the kiddos and I went to This Is the Place with all of my sister-in-laws and their kids. It was so fun to be with all of them and it was quite the event. Lyle, Jackson, and Aspen all participated in a pie eating contest, all the kids got to ride on ponies, there was a ten minute parade, and the choo choo train was a hit! All of us adults were exhausted after, I know I went home and took a pretty long nap!

And finally, that night we went to Linda's again to have some dinner and do more fireworks. It was so fun being able to spend this weekend with the Higginsons! They made it such a blast and I love them all and am so lucky to have married into their family.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Burfday Weekend!

This past weekend was a blast! It started out with my bestie, Megan, going shopping with me and getting me a darling skirt for my birthday. Love her to pieces, she always brings a good time! Then Tyler and I had a movie night where we started our new obsession of Prison Break, it is addicting! We're already almost done with the first season (way too much time on our hands...). He also let me open an early birthday present which was a gift card to a SPA (never been to one) so I can get a pedicure and manicure and even a facial! He officially spoils me. Then Saturday we had a birthday brunch with the Oder and Higginson clans, it was good to have both of our families together and our cute niece, little Adyson, was the star of the show.

Later that night we went to see Harry Potter! Good movie, though I think they could have combined the last book all into one show, this last one just seemed like it was ending the whole time. But we did enjoy it and are sad that the Harry Potters are all over :(

Sunday was spent driving up to Idaho for our cousin, Cassie's, baby shower. She is darling and I'm so excited for her to have a little baby girl! Tyler was good enough to make the 6 hour drive with me, but he escaped during the shower to do some golfing, he was one happy guy!

On Monday, my actual birthday, Tyler took me out to dinner at Chili's! I LOVE that place, it is too yummy! He surprised me with a subscription to the Food Network magazine! Ah! So excited about that one! We ended the night by watching more Prison Break, perfect :)

 We went all out at Chilis and ordered A TON of food and ate pretty much all of it! It was so so tasty.
 The last thing that made my birthday very special was Hillary and Owen making me this cute birthday cake. The letters melted off a little but I still love it!! Hillary told me that she asked Owen if she should write "Happy Birthday Maddie" on it and Owen says, " No... you should write 'Maddie loves Owen and Elle!' ". Hillary then asked how about writing "Owen and Elle love Maddie"? Owen responds with, "No mom, that's not what I said. I said 'Maddie loves Owen and Elle!" So that's what she wrote! Haha I loved it and the cake was delicious! So yummy that I let Owen have it for breakfast (sorry Hillary!).
Owen also sang happy birthday to me which was a special treat since, for some reason, he doesn't like to say or sing happy birthday to anybody. His version of Happy Birthday goes something like this: "Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to yoouuuu!!!" That's about as far into the song as he gets, so cute!

It was a great birthday and thank you to all the friends and family who made it so wonderful! Love you all!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Kauai Honeymooners

This is going to be super long so bear with me! I want to include all of our stories and adventures of our honeymoon to Kauai. 
I posted this picture of Tyler first because our trip did not start out the greatest :) This is at the airport in California where we were delayed from our flight from Utah and missed our connecting flight to Maui which would then take us to Kauai. Weather in Utah was HORRIBLE and so our planes couldn't take off, resulting in us being stuck in California for quite some time. When we landed in California, the help desk was not very much help at all quite sadly. They got us a connecting flight to Maui which was nice, but didn't realize that our end result was Kauai even though we had asked her if there were any flights going straight to Kauai. We weren't the happiest of campers. Luckily, we just happened to look at the screen that shows all the flights and their destinations and saw one that was going straight to Kauai! You can imagine our excitement! We went to a different help desk this time and the lady was so nice and got us on the flight!! She told us that if we had flown to Maui we probably would have been on stand by to Kauai over night since the lady at the first help desk didn't realize that is where we were going. We were super glad we went to this very nice lady. She also called somebody to have them moved our checked bag onto that flight as well. Or so we thought, we ended up not getting our baggage until the second night of being there but we had packed most of our clothing in our carry-ons (note to self: always be prepared with an extra pair of clothes in carry-on).
 Despite the rough start, we had an incredible time! This is our sweet jeep we got to rent to drive us around the island in. I'm a little mad at myself that I didn't take pictures of our hotel but it was GORGEOUS and there were tons of fun pools to swim around in and a very yummy, fancy restaurant.
 Our first day there we went Snuba Diving!!! My favorite part of the whole trip! We did this while our checked bag was missing so we didn't have our water proof camera to take pictures under water but I will do my best to describe how incredible it was. Believe it or not, the white van behind us is the actual snuba diving business... the only one on the island. We called the owner to find out where his business was and he gave us an address to a restaurant and said his van would be just down the street, we wouldn't miss it. Not going to lie, it sounded a little ghetto and we were pretty skeptical! Sure enough, we found the white van and it had all the gear we needed in the back. I was so nervous to be doing this but I kept telling myself I can do it (and there were kids all younger than 10 doing it so I had to be brave!). We got all of our gear on and the instructor gave us some instructions. Basically, snuba diving is where you can go under water with your mouth piece to breath but, unlike scuba diving where you carry your air tank with you, your air is in the raft that is floating above the water and you have a rope attached to you that pulls the raft wherever you go. He had us practice breathing in our mouthpiece and then we went out to the water. I was going to have a heart attack!! But I easily got over it and was able to go down to the ocean floor and see all the fish. The only thing I refused to do was feed the fish, the instructor warned us they would bite our fingers... no thank you! Tyler, of course, was the little daredevil and fed the fish and was exploring everywhere he could get. Under water we were able to hold a sea urchin and a sea cucumber. Time flew and we didn't even realize we were coming back to shore til our tummies hit the sand. It was a blast!! Our cool instructor here in the picture with us happened to be from Orem, Utah! Small world!
 Driving around, we found this water spout thing... can't remember what it was called
 BECAUSE we were more distracted by these two turtles in the water who were swimming around close by. You can only kind of see them here but it was the coolest thing to watch them!

 Our next adventure was kayaking up Wailua River to a hike leading up to the Secret Falls. When we got to our kayak rental bright and early, the owner gave us this map.... hand drawn and made no sense at all. Apparently we were supposed to be able to find our way all the way to the Secret Falls with this... great! He also told us that some tourists would be walking down to the falls a different way and would probably arrive at the same time as us. We were supposed to take their same trail home? He gave us our kayaks, told us to remember the numbers on them, and said, "If you can't swim wear a life jacket, if you can't, don't worry about it." and sent us on our way! No training or rules or anything, so off we went to find the Secret Falls. We were the only ones on the river that early in the morning and it was beautiful! We made all the right turns up the river and were supposed to dock our boats at the start of the hike. With no signs, we managed to guess where our boats were supposed to be docked since we were the only two kayaks there and started up on our hike.
 This beautiful waterfall was somewhere along the hike, not the Secret Falls yet.
 We passed the water tower the man had mentioned on the map and started getting a little lost. Luckily, we happened to stumble upon this beautiful view here... the Secret Falls. Absolutely breathtaking. AND sure enough, just as the rental owner said, several tourist came walking down a different trail right as we were arriving at the waterfall. Smart man... We spent some time here at the falls and ate lunch. Then took the trail back.
 There was a reason he told us to remember the numbers on our kayaks....
 These next two pictures were taken on the North Shore, our most favorite part of the island!

 This is the part of the honeymoon that brought true adventure to my life. Tyler had heard about the Tunnels hike from one of his friends who had done it before. It was the part of the trip he was looking forward to the most. I'll give you a brief history on this hike... people have DIED on it before!! The hike is so full of plants that are super high you can't see the edge, so often hikers will just walk right of the edge and DIE! Locals could not believe that this hike was included in a tour guide book because of how dangerous it is. And this was the hike Tyler wanted to go on... perfect :) The hike was a pretty long hike that leads all the way up to tunnels that were once used to direct water back to the ocean, or something like that. They aren't in use anymore. The first tunnel is about a mile long and leads to another tunnel you can walk through as well.
 We drove up to the start of the hike in our jeep and the trail is a GIANT mud puddle. I remember looking at Tyler like you really want to do this??? Two girls were also there just starting out ahead of us to do the hike as well. I put on my "water shoes" (bad idea) and we started off. Not a minute went by before I was completely covered in mud. Tyler was loving every second of it. To make the long hike of 6 hours short, it consisted of three things: Slipping through the mud and falling on my butt about 20 times, getting my shoes lost in the mud about 30 times, and both of us getting our arms scratched from all the branches around us since the trail was barely even visible. Oh, and one more thing, I almost DIED like all the other hikers by falling off a cliff and merely hanging on by a plant!! (We get a big kick out of that part of the story now:)). Also, those girls who started out before us, ended up turning back about half way through and told us good luck at finding the trail! They were getting completely lost on the way up.
 Remember how I said we hiked for 6 hours? That was just to get to the tunnels! We still had to make our trek back! I was pretty grumpy so I waited at a waterfall while Tyler went the extra 10 minutes to the tunnel and he got this really sweet picture of it. He took lots of pictures for me so I could see what it looked like, what a sweetheart :) Well, I was so anxious to get out of this hike that it literally took us 2 hours to get back to our car. We more than doubled our time getting there!
 This is the only picture I was willing to post of me because most of the other pictures Tyler took of me a have the look of death on my face and this picture shows just really how deep the mud was. My feet were all the way covered with mud up to my mid calf, that is a lot!
 You can't go to Hawaii without doin' a little surfing! Atleast for Tyler, I just laid out on the beach :)
 This is Tyler's Bay Watch picture, what a hunk! And he was super awesome at surfing too!
 This is Tyler's back after a full day of surfing :( Sunscreen instructions: Reapply after being in the water. Good thing to remember!
 Waimea Canyon: The Grand Canyon of the islands. It gets its' name from looking just like the Grand Canyon and it really does!! This is also the wettest place on the EARTH!

 The last big adventure of our trip was not documented by photo because it was not the most legal :) and surprisingly, it was my idea to do it! Kauai's biggest and most luxurious hotel is the Grand Hyatt on the south shore. Before our plane was to take off that night, I thought it would be fun to go to the hotel and try and do some swimming there. We had read about the pools and they had about 20 of them complete with water slide and their own lagoon with sand imported from a country I can't remember, but it was a pretty big deal! It was also pretty easy to sneak into the pools too! We just parked in their parking lot by the beach, walked around the fence, and there we were in the Grand Hyatt's swimming pools! We weren't too worried about being caught, until we noticed people wearing wrist bands. We didn't get asked to leave until right before we were about to leave anyways, which means we got a full 45 minutes of swimming time! The security guard who asked us to leave was very nice and even offered us otter pops as we left, sweet!
And that's our trip in a nut shell. I love traveling with my hubby, never a dull moment! Can't wait to go to the Bahamas on our next adventure in August!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still "Flashback-ing"

I am probably making this blog so confusing by going back to when we first met and then forward to the events going on now, but as soon as I do all the catching up I can move forward and just right about our daily lives. Plus, I like having all of the cool stuff we've done in one spot for us to look back on!

I'm going to start with our mini honeymoon pics. Tyler and I decided to save our big honeymoon for a later and spent a weekend up in Logan at... dun du du dunnnn ANNIVERSARY INN. Yes, it's a pretty hilarious place to go, but we LOVED IT! Tyler surprised me with 2 different rooms, 1 for each night. The first one was the Taj Mahal Room which was saweet!

 My favorite little nook, definitely want one of these in my future house!
 He especially loved the bath tub surrounded by rose petals, compliments of Tyler :)

 They even bring you breakfast in bed....
 AND fold your towels into swans!
This is the building where the Taj Mahal Room is, who would have thought they would put such a beautiful room in this building!
Then we moved to the Romeo and Juliet room. There is only one word to describe it... gorgeous!

Tyler "serenading" me while I was up on the balcony :) and yes they even had a balcony in the room.

SO If you are ever in need of a romantic getaway, we highly recommend going to the Anniversary Inn. It is super fun and gives you the perfect setting for any occasion :)

Other things we did on our weekend getaway:
  • Tons of shopping
  • Eating at amazing restaurants! 
  • Went and saw Paranormal Activity 2 - It was Halloween, we had to do something scary!
  • Found an awesome park that we went on a walk through:

 It was so pretty there...
 Tyler breaking the law, as usual ;)
 LOVE him!
I'll post pictures of our REAL honeymoon later!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Camping at Rockport

This last weekend we went to Rockport to do some camping. Not going to lie... I was not too ecstatic about going because I am not a camper, but this trip turned out to be a blast! We went up Friday night with my mom and Holly and her twin boys. Tyler was especially excited about this trip because he got to use his new tent and sleeping bag! He LOVES them and they worked out super well.

We hurried and set up our tents before it got dark and then roasted some "mishmellows" as the boys call it.

The next day we woke up and went out to the lake. Holly had purchased a sweet raft for the day and Tyler and I rented a kayak. This was the best part of the whole trip! I loved being out on the water and exploring in our kayak. David and Mckenzie also came up for the day with their sweet water chairs, complete with cup holders :)

 David used a stick to try and make his way back to shore... looks like it's kinda workin' out for him!

Holly almost had to call for a life guard while she was in the raft with Will and Ben. The wind started to pick up and her raft kept drifting away and she couldn't bring it back so had to jump into the water and swim, pulling the raft with her! Thanks to lady who was next to my family and brought attention to them that Holly was in trouble, nobody even noticing that she was in the water, David went in and helped her get back.

We were planning to stay over Saturday night as well, but got rained out so we came home early after we ate a very delicious tin foil dinner. All in all it was a great trip, despite Holly's time in peril :) I definitely want to go camping again, which is saying something since I dreaded it before! Tyler is a happy man now.