Tuesday, October 28, 2014


This has been the most amazing fall and I do not want it to end! The colors of the leaves and all the Halloween festivities are my absolute favorite. It has been even better sharing all of these experiences with my little buddy who gets to experience it all for the first time.

We took him to the pumpkin patch where he got to ride in the wheelbarrow like a big kid

We went on an amazing family hike up Millcreek Canyon. I could not get enough of all the beautiful leaves and Milo loved riding in the backpack with his dad.
This picture does not even give the colors justice, it was so gorgeous!
One of my favorite Halloween activities is going down to Gardner Village, eating a soup lunch, and then going around to find all the witches. As you can tell, Milo was socializing with all the witches :)

I love Gardner Village so much that we went twice, a second time when Owen and Elle came to visit us. Gardner Village has a new area that is just for kids where they can go through a corn maze, bounce in a bounce house, and see the animals at the petting zoo. Milo wasn't too sure about sitting in a huge amount of corn...

I wish that I was a better writer to describe how truly glorious this fall has been. And now the weather forecast is saying that we will get snow this weekend. I am dreading it. I wish these gorgeous colors and the endless supply of anything pumpkin flavored would last forever. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Milo's 10th Month

Well we are just two short months away from having a one year old! Time is FLYING! But each month just gets to be more and more fun with this little monkey of ours.
On Sept. 11 Milo got his second tooth! This wasn't too long after he got his first tooth and it was very nice getting them close together. Currently we can see the beginning of 4 teeth coming in on the top! I wouldn't be surprised if they came in by the end of this month.

This past month I started one of my new jobs as a nanny for the Kern family. I knew that when the Chrastils moved I would need to find another nanny job because I loved that Milo had other kids to play with. Lu Lu here is about 19 months and she is so sweet with Milo. It's mostly the three of us that hang out, but we get to play with Bennet, who is 4, a little bit in the mornings. Milo loves Bennet and likes to follow him everywhere! 

I had to document the first time Milo pulled his diaper off in his crib. I hope that this is not a common occurrence, but it was pretty hilarious pulling him out of his crib when he had woken up and finding him bare-bummed!
Also I want to note that changing Milo's diaper and putting clothes on this kid is about the hardest thing in the world! He hates holding still to get changed and will try and get away almost the instant we lay him down. 
Milo's favorite place in our house is our bathroom. Particularly because he has figured out how to turn the bath water on. He will crawl in there, pull himself up on the bath tub, and walk over to push the handle that turns the water on. Then he just cackles and thinks that he is so hilarious which, of course, he is!
We went on a little family outing up the Oktoberfest. Milo loved being up there, especially since he was getting over having Roseola and the only thing that made him happy was to be outside.

He especially loved watching the juggler. Look at that face of pure joy!
Milo loves getting into my craft bag. He enjoys pulling out all of my paint brushes, paper, glue, mod podge, stain... He basically empties the bag :)

Lu Lu's house has tons of fun toys to play with and Milo never gets bored. He loves it there! They have this little bean bag swing that he likes to sit in,

a play house outside that has a slide and Lu Lu pushes him down it,

but most especially she has tons of toys that you can push around and walk with. Once Milo discovered this he will grab any toy that has wheels on it and will walk around the room. We have a feeling this kid will be walking on his own anytime soon.
Milo got to have a fun play date with his buddy Miss London. They went to the zoo together and got to see lots of fun animals :)

Milo has also discovered the art of feeding himself. He can eat out of food pouches now and basically eats whatever we eat. He is the most independent kid and refuses to let us feed him anymore. If we put a bite of food in his mouth, he will spit it out and put it back in himself.

Along with being independent, he is the most happy little kid around. He laughs all the time! And he loves to play and play and play all day long. He knows when he does things he's not supposed to and thinks it's really funny when I scold him (just like his daddy...). This is him taking my phone and just thinking he is so funny and clever :) One really naughty thing he does is he will race to our stairs and start climbing them as fast as he can while cackling away because I'm racing as fast as I can to catch him! This happens about once or twice a day :)

Milo is a very particular little man and won't hardly let anyone hold him. He is starting to warm up a little bit to strangers, but he mostly only lets me, Ty and my mom hold him. Now Uncle David is joining those ranks!

Just sneaking some snacks in between classes at church :)

Drinking out of the straw has never been so easy for this kid. There goes being able to enjoy my own Jambas by myself anymore!

He's always just as excited as I am when our diaper delivery arrives!

Usually when Milo takes a bath, the second he is out of the tub he starts to crawl away. For some reason, this time he was completely frozen laying like this. Even long enough for me to get this picture. This is probably the longest he has held still in a long time!

I could not wait to take Milo to the pumpkin patch this year. Something about babies and pumpkins is so cute to me :)

I don't have a picture of this but, one of Milo's favorite things to do is listen to music with Ty. Ty just recently got a record player so he loves to turn it on and hold milo. Milo just bounces his hand around like crazy and dance a little. He will only do that when Ty's music is on :) 
Sometimes with all of the pictures I take of Milo, I still don't feel like I catch every part of his personality. He truly is the best kid in the world, and everyday I am grateful that he is mine. Even when my days are filled with chasing after him up the stairs, putting all of my tupperware containers back in the cabinet, re-rolling the toilet paper, putting all of my pots and pans back in the cabinet, turning the bath water off... the list goes on, I am still so in love with that little rambunctious, troublesome boy of mine. Because my days are also filled with the best hugs, snuggles, laughs, and wrestling matches ever.