Wednesday, April 16, 2014

4 Month Old Milo!

Do I say this every time I blog that my baby is getting too big too fast. I can't believe it! Time truly flies and I don't think anybody understands that until they become a parent and watch their child grow. It it is the most fascinating thing to see Milo get bigger and learn something new everyday. I try my best to soak every moment of it in.

This baby is such a light in my life. He makes me laugh every single day! He has so much personality and I love getting to know it more.
We had Owen and Elle stay with us over a weekend. To sum it up in one word it was craziness :) I think that Ty and I got a glimpse of what a family is like when you are outnumbered by kids.
One of my favorite parts of the weekend was watching Milo and Elle play together. She is so good at taking care of him and being his second mommy around the house.
Milo is a schnoozer. Often after eating he will zonk out again with a full tummy!
Milo LOVES his daddy.
We used to have to work really hard to get Milo to smile. Now he gives them out like crazy and it melts my heart every time.
Doesn't he just look big here?!
He has started to play so much more with his toys. He will grab at just about anything that is in reach. He also can roll over now from tummy to back!
And tummy is much more fun now that he can be up on his elbows and scope out everything around him.

This is Milo's mad face. Probably one of the two or three times that I have ever seen it but I am so glad I caught a picture of it! He did NOT want to take a nap at this particular time. In fact, he never wants to take a nap :) 

First pair of sunglasses! Just getting ready for the nice weather coming up.

First ride in his stroller with the seat attachment. I truly cannot believe that he is outgoing the little pram part that I love so much. But this little guy definitely likes to be up and seeing the world around him.

When Milo is tired he usually cries and cries until he gets laid down somewhere where he knows he can sleep (aka crib, carseat, or bassinet). For some reason on this particular day he got tired really quietly and eventually just fell asleep right on Ty's shoulder. Such a sweet cuddle bug!

I just love this outfit so much I had to take a picture :)

Learning to suck on his fingers. Still trying to find out which one he likes best, but why pick one when you have all five to suck on!

Another moment where Milo just fell asleep while playing with his toys...

This is what happens when dad gets Milo ready for the day.

Uncle Kip gave Milo a batman outfit for Christmas and he was finally old enough to model it for us. I think he quite enjoyed it since dad flew him all over the house in it.

General Conference was spent with this little bug sleeping on me. I loved it.

And then he moved over to lounging with dad :)

This cradle was given to us by my dad's side of the family. It was purchased by my grandma who in turn let her kids use it and then it has been passed on to all the grandchildren. It has been so fun to have Milo in it and to get a picture of him in such a lovely family heirloom.

We had family come in to town so Milo got to meet sweet Elsie. He LOVED her!

He also got to meet Great Aunt Karen and see Great Uncle TJ again.

Sunday nights are typically spent at Uncle David and Aunt Mckenzie's house. He is a spoiled child when he gets around them!

At Milo's four month appointment he weighed 13.2 pounds- almost doubling his birth weight. He has moved up to the 50th percentile in height and weight but is still in the 15th percentile for head size. I'm not too worried- he comes from a family of small heads :)
Milo started sleeping through the night at about 13 weeks. Now he has his schedule down to going to bed at 7 and waking up anywhere from 6-7. This has worked great for my work schedule where we leave at about 6:30 every morning but isn't so great for wanting to sleep in on Saturdays. I'll take the not having to wake up throughout the night over sleeping in any day though!
We sure love our sweet, happy little boy!