Sunday, January 12, 2014

Milo's First Month (According to my Phone)

So much has happened this month with our little guy, I already feel like I've fallen behind! So I will just go through some of it with the pictures that I've taken with my phone. Get ready for an overload, I am kind of obsessed with him!

Our little bean the day he was born, he was so tiny!
Going home from the hospital.

First time sleeping in his new bed- a bassinet right next to our bed.
First time in his Mamaroo Swing- he seemed to enjoy it!
First time in his car seat- we could hardly see him in there.
First bath- he was not too happy with us :)
The little winks he gives me when he is up every 2 hours during the night. I'm sure he is thinking, "Mom, didn't I tell you we were having a party tonight?!"
This is what we call his "Drunken Sailor" look after he has eaten :)
First gasser smile- cutest thing I have ever seen!
This little guy loves getting his hair combed. He gets so relaxed and nostalgic while we do it.
Another bath picture with daddy. He has liked it a lot better since the first time, thank goodness!
First time taking a bottle- he was a champ and has no problem taking bottles when we need him too. This has made it possible for mom and dad to still go on dates!
First photo shoot of many to come with Holly and Poppy :)
First time meeting Grandma Higginson- she adored him!
First Christmas and first Christmas pjs! Milo got to meet a lot of his family during the holidays. He loved getting all of the attention!
One of his presents that he got this year- the Elf on the Shelf
My all time favorite look that he makes, it is the cutest thing in the world.
The first morning dad left mom and him alone, he took over dad's spot in the bed.
And another bath time picture in his cozy elephant towel.
First time playing on his play mat. He does lots of his tummy time here. This is also where he rolled over for the first time- from tummy to back. He has done it one other time since then! Possibly two flukes? But we are still proud of him!
Just hangin out in bed with mom and dad.

I am so blessed to be able to still work and take Milo with me. It has been an adventure to say the least (we have only been back for a week now) but Milo is so lucky to have such fun loving kids that he gets to hang out with everyday.

And don't forget Izzy, whose maternal instincts have come out in full force and she always has to be around him.

Starting him out young, already a little Ute fan.
He loves this binky with the little lion on it. It is the cutest thing when he snuggles the lion!
Already so advanced and likes to sit up and hold his head up on his own for a little bit.
Our attempt at taking his monthly picture. Hopefully next month goes better, he wasn't too happy with mom taking his picture at the time :)

Some other things that I want to remember about Milo at one month:
-He is a night owl. During the day he will take regular naps but, as soon as 6:00 hits, he is up for the night hangin out with mom and dad. We can't complain though, he usually only wakes up once or twice during the night when he does this!
-He LOVES his dad. Whenever Ty is in the room, Milo will follow him around with his eyes. Or if Ty is holding him, Milo will just stare back at him. He is smitten and so is his daddy. 
-He is such a calm baby. He rarely cries, and when he does, they are more like grunts to let us know that he is hungry :)
-At his first doctor's appt. he was a champ and let the doctor do whatever she wanted without making a peep. That is until he got his little foot pricked, that was the saddest thing :( He did gain the weight that he was supposed to, but he is still just a little guy measuring in the 25th percentile. Just now he is starting to get too big for some of his newborn clothes.

We love our little guy and can't wait to see what the next month brings for him!