Monday, July 28, 2014

My 24th Birthday

This has been one of my best birthdays yet! I am so grateful to everyone who made it such a special day for me. I feel very spoiled! 

Last year, when I was pregnant with Milo, I wanted so badly to go ride roller coasters. I think it was the fact that I couldn't that made me want to do it so bad. So I told Ty that in a year we needed to go to Lagoon, and so we did just that! 

We had such a good time spending the day just the two of us and going on all the fun rides. I think our favorite ride was Wicked, which had me screaming at the top of my lungs! We cruised through all the rides we wanted to (something about not having kids makes us go really fast) and so we were able to do a bunch of the rides more than once. 

On my actual birthday I was spoiled again. The Chrastils got me cupcakes to celebrate with so we packed them up with a lunch and headed to Liberty Park where we met up with Meg and baby London. We had a blast lounging on the blanket while the kiddos played. Meg was the sweetest to hang out with me all afternoon. And, of course, what's a birthday without going to get some snowcones after the park?! To finish off the celebrations we had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with my family. 

This birthday was especially exciting because I got a new bike from my loves! I cannot wait to be able to cruise around town with Milo and try and keep up with Ty on his bike rides. Maybe one day I'll be as good as him, but I don't see myself biking up the canyons anytime soon. 

So here's to being 24! I can't wait to see what adventures await me this year. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

4th of July

The Fourth of July is one of our favorite holidays. We love doing the same things every year: eaglewood fireworks on the third, millcreek breakfast,parade, and carnival the next day, and sugarhouse fireworks that night. We were so excited to be able to do those things with Milo! But, like I've mentioned before, our little man is very fond of going to bed at 6:30 on the dot so this holiday took a little more planning than normal :) 
Luckily, Milo loved watching all the people at the eaglewood fireworks and was very entertained that he stayed up til about 8. Then we put him to bed in his stroller and he slept for about an hour before waking up again. Luckily we had nana there to take him home for us so that Ty and I could stay and watch the fireworks. 
We had lots of fun playing with Owen and Elle as usual. Miss Elle waited in line for about an hour to get her face painted like frozen. 
Milo seemed to enjoy the parade but I think he was a little too busy taking his hat off his head and chewing on it. 
We have loved having Lindsey and the cousins in town and had a blast celebrating with them. 
We were able to go to a BBQ at night at Linda's house but Milo was SO tired that we ended up going home and not going to the sugarhouse fireworks. Maybe next year Milo will get to experience fireworks and be awake for them :) 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Milo 7 months

All of my months with milo have been great, but I think I would say that this month has been my absolute favorite! With milo being able to do more things and his personality getting more developed so that we can see what he likes and dislikes, it has made being around him ten times more fun. Not to mention that he seems to have turned over a new leaf and is less fussy so that has just been wonderful.
Probably my favorite days with milo are when he thinks that everything is just hilarious. All I would have to do is laugh or make a small noise and he will crack up! His laugh just melts my heart. Ty loves finding Milo's tickle spots and uses them every chance he can. Milo doesn't mind it too much ;)

One struggle that we have been dealing with is naps during the day. He is not a fan of them and it is the saddest thing. When I go to put him in his crib he will hurry and flip over onto his tummy and lift his head up as high as he can to peek over the top of the crib and watch me leave the room. Then when I close the door he just bursts into tears and will bury his head into the mattress. I watch him on the monitor and every once in a while I'll see him peek up again to see if I'm coming in to get him and, when I'm not, he just cries again until he finally gives up and goes to sleep. We haven't had to deal with this too much before so it is heartbreaking, but it has been getting a little better!

Milo has not started crawling yet but he is definitely getting more mobile. He is able to turn his body around in circles while on his tummy and he can push himself backwards as well. He can sit up pretty good on his own now but he has not mastered that just yet. It is too funny when he is sitting up by himself and scootches his bum so he can get to the toys he wants. 

We put a fan in Milo's room and it has become one of his favorite things. He will talk to the fan, spit at it, and smile at it. He loves waiting for it to spin towards his face to blow on him. It is hilarious!

For Father's Day we took Milo on his first hike in his new backpack. He really liked being in the backpack for about half the hike. Then he started getting fussy so we took him out and headed back down the trail. We will have to attempt this again some other time!

Milo self soothes by sucking on these two fingers. With his pointer finger he will rub his nose sometimes and other times he will play with his ear with his other hand. 

I die over this face :)

I've attempted helping him drink out of a cup. He is more interested in chewing on the cup than actually drinking the water.

Just chillin' in bed with the big kids :)

Auntie Cayleen got him this dinosaur ball toy that he LOVES. He mostly likes to chew on one ball while he watches the others bounce around.

I got Milo some glow in the dark dino pjs. They just make him look like such a big kid!

Remember how I said we get to see what his likes and dislikes are? Well, this shark is his absolute favorite stuffed animal. He loves this thing! He may have had some encouragement from momma but, whenever I pull the shark out to play with, Milo gets a big grin and reaches his arms out to grab it.

Milo's other favorite toys are: syringe for medicine (obviously without the medicine in it), keys, mini measuring tape, tag on his baseball cap, and water bottles. Note that none of these are actual toys... Maybe he thinks he is too big for toys :)

Excuse the blurry picture but I had to capture Milo eating. He just pops his mouth open whenever he is ready for his next bite. Currently his favorite foods are still sweet potatoes and now he has taken a liking to bananas. He won't eat the banana when it is mashed up like baby food though, he likes eating it in bites.

One day we randomly decided to go to Tracy Aviary. I had never been there before and it surprised me! It was pretty cool and Milo seemed to enjoy the birds whether mom has a fear of them or not.

This picture I will forever hold in my heart. Owen and I were playing frisbee and Milo and Elle were just sitting in their chairs watching us. Out of nowhere Elle goes to me, "I think I will marry Milo! He is just so cute." And look at how comfortable they are together :) Now I have it in writing that she said that!
Seriously, Milo LOVES these kids.
Milo is learning how to smile when I take pictures. He truly poses whenever I get him to look at my phone to take a picture. He must be brilliant!

Just exploring with dad. 
I think that I see lots of car toys in our future...
We took a day to go to the zoo. It was a blast! Milo loved the train ride so much as well as the carousel ride. On both he was jumping up and down and squealing and smiling from ear to ear. I don't think he even cared too much about the animals he just loved the rides!

About once a week we go to the pool and it is so much fun to see Milo in the water. He loves splashing around and playing with his pool times. But he very quickly wears out and so half the time he sleeps while the kids play.

Finally caught my spitting child on camera. This kid will spit 24/7. It is just so darn cute that I don't discourage it too much :)
Passed out!
We may have a hoarder on our hands... Either that or dad just gives me him every toy to hopefully keep him entertained for a bit!

And the last big news for our boy is exactly on his 7 month mark he is starting to get some actual talking down by saying "bu bu bu". He makes that sound over and over again!

I can't wait to see what new milestones Milo hits this next month! We sure love our little man!