Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thanksgiving Point Halloween Fun

Tyler and I decided to spend our saturday morning to take Milo to Thanksgiving Point for their Halloween Extravaganza. There were tractors galore so Milo was in seventh heaven! He had to sit on every single one he saw.

You can kind of see in the background, but we were riding on a cow train :)

One of my favorite things about Milo is watching him have the time of his life. It makes me so incredibly happy to see my boy so happy and days like this day was perfect.

This is the Place Halloween Trick or Treat

Owen and Elle and Hillary came into to town to visit!! And right around the time of one our favorite traditions- This is the Place Little Haunts Trick or Treat! I have taken Owen and Elle to this every year since they were 7 months and 3 years old. Now I've been able to enjoy taking Milo to it and it does not disappoint.

This year for Halloween Milo was a cute little wolf. He didn't want to wear his wolf hat for long so Uncle David and Nana took it upon themselves to wear it.

Riding the train was a highlight and, as you can see, Milo takes it very seriously :)

There is also a little mini train that goes around a pond.

I love my Elle girl!

Panning for gold or more like picking up handfuls of rocks and throwing them back in the water...

Once again, taking the train ride very seriously... He sat like this, completely frozen, almost the entire ride!

I was totally shocked that Milo was willing to ride a horse, but he did it with no problem!

Trick or Treating was definitely a success, even if Milo's bucket came home empty since the candy was eaten as we went along!

Saydee's Birthday at Gardner Village

We were so excited when we found out that little Saydee's four year old birthday was going to be at Gardner Village! The place is always super decked out for Halloween and they have a fun area for kids to play in, complete with a corn pit and hay maze.

Here's just a few pictures of the fun day :)

Cute little birthday girl.

There was a stage right by where we were eating and some women dressed up as witches got up to sing some songs and provide a little entertainment. Milo was not shy one bit about going up there to dance and go crazy. He loved all the loud music!