Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Story Continued

Tyler had concocted an awesome plan to woo me on our first date. In class, we were talking about yoga and I said that would be such a fun group date. So what did Tyler do? He planned a group date where we were going to have a teacher come and teach us some yoga! Well, turns out, the teacher canceled on us so the 6 or so couples that were on this date had to improvise and make up our own yoga. I considered myself to be pretty good at yoga and so thought I would contribute to the lesson. Everyone took turns at showing their own yoga moves and so the one that I remembered most from yoga in high school was called "Dead Bug." Here's a pic of the move!

While showing this move, everyone busted up laughing! I guess I didn't make it look as cool as this lady did :) The joke now is that this move performed by me was what won Tyler's heart over immediately! He just couldn't resist!

After our first date, Tyler and I were inseparable. We talked every single day and went out every single night. Here are some of the basics of our relationship:

  • First Kiss: In Tyler's moms car in front of their house haha classic.
  • Became bf/gf: April 11, 2010
  • Engaged: On my birthday- July 18, 2010 (We know, we moved fast...)
  • Signed the lease on our first home together in September!
  • Married: October 29, 2010
  • Currently married EXACTLY 8 months today!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Friday was Tyler's Birthday and it was a blast! For my gift, I got him a grill and all the works to go with it so we decided to host a BBQ with our family to celebrate.

The Master Griller!

 The proud father

 We were grilling chicken and steak shish-kabobs and had all this yummy food to add to it. Tyler cooked it so well and it was very tasty! 

 The birthday boy opening presents (notice the block "Happy Birthday" decoration I made!)
 Tyler is getting into golf a lot lately and so my awesome brother and his girlfriend got Tyler a sweet new golf bag. He LOVED it!

 Make a wish!
Tyler is now officially an older man at 23 years old!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Story

I am going to start off on the story of how we met and this takes us alllll the way back to January of 2010 (very long ago, I know). Tyler and I had a public speaking class together at LDS Business College. I sat on one side of the room, he sat on the other and to be honest I had no idea who he was. Tyler says that he had seen me around the school before but I guess I was oblivious, woops! Well, we each had to give speeches in front of the class and then write a note to that person on the things that you liked and didn't like about their speech. Tyler decided to write me a note (that I still have) that said something along the lines of "Cool boots! But that was an even cooler speech!" Classic! But, unfortunately, the magic did not start there.

I happened to be dating someone else at the time and was going to his indoor soccer game to watch him play. As I was walking to my seat, some boy (...Tyler) shouts out "Hey!" to me and I look at him having no clue who he was and thought he might have been saying hi to someone else so I just kept walking and completely ignored him. Well, come to find out, Tyler was saying hi to me and was totally humiliated by me blowing him off in front of his friends.

After that, Tyler had decided that he was going to give up on me. Well, I had eventually stopped dating the other boy and was a free woman! One day, in public speaking class, one of my friends that sat by Tyler asked why I never sat over by them on that side of the room, so I changed seats and ended up sitting right next to Tyler! I tried to secretly ask my friend what Tyler's name was (not knowing it yet and feeling bad about blowing him off a month ago) and he tells me his name is Tilph! When he told me that I was like wow, what an interesting name.... but Tyler heard him say it and was like "Yup! That's me!" I probably went a couple days maybe even a couple weeks thinking that was his real name till he told me it was just a nickname and really his name was Tyler. Wooh! What a relief!

Now this is where the magic starts! Every class after that I would sit by Tyler and we discovered that we had some mutual friends which got us talking more. Then we exchanged numbers and dun da da dun! Tyler asked me out on our first date finally after 3 months of being in the same class.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Timers!

Alright.... I did it. I've decided to start a blog about the lovely life of the Higginsons. Everyone else was doing it so I decided to follow the crowd. Even though we really don't do anything too crazy with our lives, I think I can make this pretty entertaining to read! I also like the idea of being able to print it all out and make it into a book (like my friend Holly suggested) and then having this as a journal to look back on of our early married life and so forth.

So a little bit about us... Tyler and I got married October 29, 2010 and we have been happy ever since! Lots of people told us that marriage is super hard the first year, but Tyler and I count our blessings and just say we got lucky because we are loving married life and enjoy every moment of it! Of course there are those times where it's not always bliss but the good outweighs the bad.

Currently we live in a little apartment in Bountiful. We love it here and LOVE the ward, especially our 7 year old primary class we teach. Sadly, we are looking for places to move in Salt Lake so that we can be closer to our jobs and school but it is definitely for the better.

Tyler is a banker at Wells Fargo and is awesome at what he does!! He has also just graduated from LDS Business College and will be starting at the U, he is super excited about that. I am a nanny of a 3 year old boy named Owen and a 1 year old named Elle. I LOVE them to pieces and wish they were my own! But being their nanny works just great :)

Well, that's all I can think to say about us as of right now! More will come and I hope that I can keep up on this!