Sunday, March 22, 2015

Date night

For Valentine's Day Ty got me a gift certificate to go to the Paint Mixer. I was so excited to finally get to do a painting class! The Paint Mixer is a studio where you pick a painting that you want to paint, sign up for that painting's class, and then have an instructor teach you step by step how to paint the picture. It was one of the best date nights we have had in a long time! It is true when people say that when they paint their mind gets taken off of everything else.

Ty kept saying that he was going to be really bad at it but he killed it and did way better than me! The whole time I was asking him how he did something on his painting and to help me fix mine :) And, of course, the teacher loved Ty and would compliment him on his work all the time ;)
Ty working on his painting.
This was mine.

Finished products! It was crazy to me how different everyone's paintings turned out even though we were all told the same directions. But now I am officially addicted and want to go back and do more paintings. Hopefully there will be more posts about this in the future!

We Have a Talker!

Life has been so crazy that I feel like every post I make is going to be titled, "Catch Up". Hopefully I can be better at making blogging more of a priority. I would hate to forget all of the fun things that Milo is doing right now.
Milo is going through a stage where he is picking up on everything around him. He learns a new word everyday it feel likes and I love it! He says, "Uh-Oh", "Woof Woof", "Danger" (that was not a difficult word for him to learn since he has radar for the dangerous things around the house), "Cracker", "Cookie", "Cup", "Shoes", "Dada" for Ty (still won't call me Mama but he says "Moooom" in this long drag that is so dang cute), "Dirt", "Rock", and the best words of all that he says are "Thank you!" I take no credit at all in teaching Milo to say thank you, he picked that up on his own and he says it all the time and truly knows what it means I think. If he drops something and you pick it up for him, he will tell you thank you. If you get him his cup of water, he will say thank you. If you put his shoes on, he will say "Dank you!".
Milo saying thank you all the time truly just goes to show what kind of a little boy he is. He is the most endearing child out there. He loves to give people hugs and kisses. All of his stuffed animals get big hugs and kisses too :) He loves to cuddle and be close with us. The couple half hours that Milo is down for nap are filled with me hurrying as fast as I can to get things done because that second that kid is up he is attached to my hip. Even though it makes it hard at times, I like to know that he likes us so much!
As I was going through the pictures on my phone, it is crazy to me how big he looks to me now! He is growing up so fast and I am loving every minute of it!

This picture just gets me every time. Look at those tennis shoes, grass stains on the knees, and a scraped forehead. He is turning into a little boy! He wants to be outside ALL the time. If he's not outside, he stands at the back door crying to go outside. When he is outside he goes right for the dirt. Hence knowing how to say dirt and rock.
He thinks that he is even big enough to start feeding himself, which has made for a constantly messy kitchen floor!
And he can handle the big size cups now :)
Him and Lu will give each other hugs and say "Ohhh" while they do it. It's the cutest.

And this face? Oh man. He is a goofball.

Waiting for mom while she gets ready can be so boring...

We must take note of Milo's first selfie.

And we can't forget to mention Miss Lola who is Milo's new cousin. Their relationship struggles a little bit since she likes to run Milo over, but I'm sure they will soon be good buds just like Milo is with Izzy (Aunt Cayleen's dog). Milo gets to help take care of Lola some days during the week so they get to spend lots of time together :)

Well that's all for now! Maybe Milo will slow down a little bit so that I don't fall so behind on all this blogging. Yet, I highly doubt that will happen, that kid is always on the move.