Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Official Beekeepers!

One day Tyler came home from school and told me that he thought it would be cool to keep bees... My initial reaction was, sure lets keep some bees! Thinking that we probably wouldn't go through with it this year, but maybe in a few years down the road. Well, we're doing it this year folks! Tyler has a buddy who got us all set up and now we have a nice hive of about 10,000 bees in our backyard!

Tyler and my mom went to pick up the bees on Saturday (I refused to ride in the car with a box full of bees) while Hillary, Owen, Elle, and I waited for them to bring them back. They picked up the bees at the U and in the car there is all the other boxes of bees that Tyler's buddy brought with him.

Once Ty and my mom finally got home, Ty got all suited up!
He set the beehive box up in our backyard on the side of our house.

Here's Ty holding all of 'his girls' as he calls them :) 10,000 in there people!!! So crazy! Within all those bees is another little box that contains the queen bee. Before we even dump all the other bees in the hive we have to make sure our queen bee is alive and place her in the hive first. She then has to eat her way out of the box and the bees eat their way in so that they can get used to that queen.

While Tyler was putting all the bees in the hive, he felt one little honey bee climbing up under his shirt! He eventually got stung in the ARMPIT, ouch! The look of surprise on his face was priceless :) but now he has a nice big swell going up his arm and he itches like crazy. Poor guy. I kept my distance while Tyler was doing all of this work. My mom and I were filming everything, Elle and Hillary were attempting to keep the bees off of us and Owen was scared and ran into the house. We were quite the crew.
Now the bees are in and we just have to let them be so they can build their hive, which is harder than you think. We are constantly worrying about them and hoping that they are surviving and getting enough sugar and that the queen hasn't died... oh man there are so many things that can go wrong but I guess we won't find out until the end of this week! I'm sure we will have more updates to come!

Monday, April 1, 2013

As of late...

So much has been going on I have not had time to blog! Now that spring is here, it's time to dive into our major landscaping projects for our house. Pictures to come. In the mean time:

Ty playing broom hockey with his friends. Loved watching everyone fall on their butts :)

Elle turned 3!! I cannot believe it! She is getting way too big for comfort. I started being her nanny when she was 5 months old, she couldn't even hold her body up by herself and now look at her!
We went to the party store to get balloons and the kids put a nice fashion show on for me.

Then Hillary, Elle, and I headed to the nail salon for Elle's first pedicure! That girl was born for pedicures, she sat still the entire time and let the lady do her magic on her feet. Right before we went into the salon she said, "We're getting our toenails painted!! I'm gonna cry!"

The next day was her birthday party where she was showered with tutus and jewelry. Such a girl, I love it. I think in every picture she has changed her outfit, whether it's her tutu or her shirt. That girl does 50 million outfit changes in one day.

She was riding around on her new bike with her new dance bag saying, "I'm going to dance class and you guys are making me late!"

Last year when I took Elle to the dentist she would not even sit in the chair by herself. Now that she's three it ain't no thang! Look at how relaxed she is!

Now on to our Easter filled weekend. Saturday we spent the day with Amy, Linda, Kip, and the girls to dye some easter eggs! Adyson has been loving on Tyler so much lately, she will not leave his sight! I've got some competition with that girl ;)

Easter morning I meant to wake up early to make Ty breakfast. Woops, I totally slept in! But I still made it for him after church. Creamed eggs on toast just like my dad used to make when we were little.
I failed after this picture to take other pictures of our easter but it was a great day! We had easter dinner at our house with my family and the Chrastils were able to come over too. Owen was dying for another easter egg hunt so my mom gave Tyler the eggs and the candy for him to hide. Hillary said it perfectly when she said, "You know it's a good easter egg hunt when the adults have to get up and help too." Nice work Ty! Then we went to the park and played on the playground and threw around the frisbee. Such a nice relaxing day! I just love Easter Sundays not only because of the wonderful family time but also because of who we are celebrating. 

Another event that I have no pictures of but should be documented were Randy and Linda's birthdays. They had a joint birthday party and Linda made the most delicious pineapple cream pies that are to die for! Then we went bowling on a different day to celebrate Linda's birthday. Gotta love having two parties! We are so grateful for Linda and Randy. The family would definitely not be the same without them!

Well that is all for now. Hopefully I can keep up on taking pictures of our yard so I can show the progress that we cough*Tyler*cough have made :)