Friday, October 30, 2015

Utah State Fair

The Utah State Fair is one of our favorite traditions and this year Milo got to join in on all the fun! That tall, long, skinny ride that you see pictured here was the only ride Milo wanted to go on. He kept calling it an airplane :) Sorry pal, gotta wait a few more years!

There was a section at the very back of the fair that was just for kids. It was all set up to teach kids where their food comes from. Each kid got an apron and a basket to carry around and do all the activities. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever!

Milo even got to ride a mini tractor. A huge tantrum took place after this picture was taken because he did not want to get off...

Gathering eggs from chickens. Oh ya, none of this was real. He also got to milk a "cow", comb a "sheep's wool", and plant "vegetables".

Just handing in all of the goodies he got from working on the farm, only to receive "money" and use it to buy his own special treat.

Seriously, I could not get over how amazingly educational this activity was and how fun it was for Milo to do it. I never want my kid to say that all of our food comes from the grocery store.

The activities that are not pictured here were 1) Milo dancing his little heart out to the live band that was playing. He loved watching the drummer and could have spent all night jumping up and down and spinning around. 2) Ty taking Milo on a potato sack down a ginormous slide. Milo walked all that way up to the top, so excited to go down, only to start shouting, "No down!" when they got to the very top. Needless to say, the ride down was not super thrilling for him, but he was brave and no tears were shed. 3) We ended the night with 3 flavors of homemade ice cream on top of a ginormous brownie. It was delicious!

'Til next year State Fair!

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